The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver #2020

The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver By E. Lockhart The Boyfriend List Guys Shrink Appointments Ceramic Frogs and Me Ruby Oliver Ruby Oliver is and has a shrink She knows it s unusual but give her a break she s had a rough days In the past days she lost her boyfriend on the list lost her best friend Kim lost al

  • Title: The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver
  • Author: E. Lockhart
  • ISBN: 9780385732079
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver By E. Lockhart Ruby Oliver is 15 and has a shrink She knows it s unusual, but give her a break she s had a rough 10 days In the past 10 days she lost her boyfriend 13 on the list , lost her best friend Kim , lost all her other friends Nora, Cricket , did something suspicious with a boy 10 , did something advanced with a boy 15 , had an argument with a boy 14 , drank heRuby Oliver is 15 and has a shrink She knows it s unusual, but give her a break she s had a rough 10 days In the past 10 days she lost her boyfriend 13 on the list , lost her best friend Kim , lost all her other friends Nora, Cricket , did something suspicious with a boy 10 , did something advanced with a boy 15 , had an argument with a boy 14 , drank her first beer someone handed it to her , got caught by her mom ag , had a panic attack scary , lost a lacrosse game she s the goalie , failed a math test she ll make it up , hurt Meghan s feelings even though they aren t really friends , became a social outcast no one to sit with at lunch and had graffiti written about her in the girls bathroom who knows what was in the boys But don t worry Ruby lives to tell the tale And make lists.
    The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver By E. Lockhart

    • [PDF] The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver | by ↠ E. Lockhart
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      E Lockhart is the author of Genuine Fraud, We Were Liars, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks, The Boyfriend List and several other novels website emilylockhartLiars site wewereliarsblog theboyfriendlistTwitter elockhart

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    1. As seen on The ReadventurerI can t help it, I simply adore E Lockhart s YA books As far as girly, chick lit books about relationships go, hers are the best And this is coming from a person who isn t into chick lit.Just like in The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks, E Lockhart explores the challenges of being a teenage girl In The Boyfriend List we learn about Ruby Oliver through her relationships with boys not necessarily her boyfriends , how these relationship affect her life and if [...]

    2. Few things are worse than being 15 examples nuclear war and dental work without anesthesia As Stephen King said, If you liked being a teenager, there s something wrong with you But Ruby puts on her Big Girl panties and DEALS WITH IT.No catatonia or glorified semi suicidality Instead, she sees a therapist, like a responsible young adult Why is being a fifteen year old girl so traumatic, you ask Some things that instantly come to mind crippling insecurity and faltering self esteem, arbitrary but v [...]

    3. I remember being 12 years old and thinking I was pretty much awesomeness personified for reading books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights when all the other kids were reading Roald Dahl Since then I seem to be going backwards and reading all the books I should have read prior to my 16th birthday, like Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and also this one And I love them It just goes to show how a book doesn t have to be a couple of centuries old and a household name to be awesome.I loved R [...]

    4. I like this book so much for being a fun, frothy, escape about gossip and boys But I LOVE this book for transcending all of those things When I first read the title The Boyfriend List 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver, I expected that this book would contain a few swoon worthy boys and that our heroine Ruby would experience some drama fueled teenage angst trying to decide which one to date I even jokingly proclaimed myself Team Noel within minutes of the starti [...]

    5. I am not sure why, but this book took me completely by surprise The reviews for this book rated it highly and I knew the narration was reported to be fantastic But I still got my socks knocked off This book hooked me from the beginning What this book is about at its core is a young girl sopho in high school navigating the social mine field of high school and trying to make sense of her female friendships and her relationships with boys The setting is perfect a private school, a scholarship stude [...]

    6. I ve had a good run with young adult high school based books lately, so my hopes were high for this one Sadly they were dashed by girlish kissing fantasies and daisy filled daydreams Okay, it wasn t exactly like that, but near enough compared my teenage years.This certainly has a charm that will appeal to a lot of people maybe those who aren t as jaded, sarcastic and generally inappropriate as I am See, my biggest problem was being unable to relate to any of the characters Granted it s been awhi [...]

    7. I m not sure why it is so hard for me to articulate my E Lockhart appreciation It may be because every time I think of the Ruby Oliver books I pretty much do this Weeks later these books are still bringing a smile to my face I loved the underlying themes of self discovery and self respect E Lockhart has this fantastic way of making universal experiences so poignantly personal I adored Ruby Her adventures will always have a special place in my book lovin heart.

    8. I can sum up my entire experience reading The Boyfriend List in one word cathartic If you don t already have a shrink, you ll probably realize you need to get one after reading this book or if you re broke like me, the Ruby Oliver books will do just fine The Boyfriend List isn t your usual contemporary romance I admit that halfway through the first chapter I declared myself Team Noel still shipping those two after the book was over but on that later but really this book is all Team Ruby.Fifteen [...]

    9. Therapy how people used to work through problems before Facebook existed Nowadays people tend to talk about how much their life sucks on a social network until enough people pop in to console them Ruby has a therapist, half the world has a Facebook, and I just have.Reviewing as therapy Everything you absolutely didn t want to know about my life made available for you to read about in print.This book made me feel a little bit disturbed about my own high school existence The end notes at the end o [...]

    10. I know, right How improbable, but it was really, really good And Ruby is hilarious Seriously, I kept laughing out loud like a mad Mr Burns woman.

    11. Since The Boyfriend List is a book about lists 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs, and Me, Ruby Oliver , I think I m going to go out of the box and write my thoughts on the book in enumeration form, too My personal sub title 5 Reasons I Liked It, 3 Reasons I Didn t, And A Recommendation.5 Reasons I Liked It 1 It dealt with high school reality and teen angst problems, much in the same manner that Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli did Personally, I never experienced anything similar to what [...]

    12. Note this is a review for the first 3 books Yes I know that s a lazy cop out but I ve read too many books to properly review lately Also I m not really sure why I took away a star and I m considering giving it back When I first met Ruby Oliver at the local library, I thought the books looked pretty darned girly Also it sounded a little bit too boy crazy Sometimes I get frustrated with all those true love YA stories I want to scream THERES MORE TO LIFE THAN BOYS Besides, who finds true love in hi [...]

    13. I first came across E.Lockhart with We Were Liars which, to be honest, I preferred on the second read I then read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks which was fab and I decided that this is probably a writer for me I like how she explores relationships and the inner workings of a teenage mind.Although this book was just as clever, I really didn t like Ruby She is one of those popular but not most popular girls at school who is completely oblivious to others, and their feelings So b [...]

    14. So there I was, my mom yelling at me, Heidi talking crap about me, weirded out by the Noel dynamic, Angelo probably mad at me, Jackson thinking I was cheating on him getting over him too quickly generally skanky and you d think things couldn t get worse, but ha It s my life Things can always get worse.It s really too bad I wasn t much of a reader during most of my teens, because there have been times when I seriously could have used some Ruby Oliver in my ridiculously confusing teenage life, eve [...]

    15. My very own soundtrack for this book Crystal Fighters You I The Lumineers Charlie Boy The Lumineers Flowers in Her HairThis, the Silent War We Are BrokenVance Joy RiptideMSMR Bones Banks Waiting GameSometimes I get this urge to write stuff down Mundane day to day thoughts, to do lists, to read lists, to buy lists, to cook lists, to gift lists, etc Clearly, I have a List Writing Addiction, or too much time on my hands I ve probably created and destroyed and revised a dozen or 5 year plans just t [...]

    16. The Boyfriend List by E.Lockhart is set in Seattle Ruby Oliver is fifteen years old and lives on a houseboat with her parents, Elaine and Kevin She attends Tate Prep on a scholarship and up until ten days ago, had a best friend, Kim, and two other close friends, Nora and Cricket Now she s had a panic attack and is feeling anxious so she starts seeing a psychologist, Dr Z Dr Z suggests Ruby or Roo to her friends and family make a list of all her boyfriends, real or almost, and any other boys she [...]

    17. Described to me as one of the best high school girl romantic shenanigans confessionals out there I think this might actually be true high school was just ten years ago for me in real time, even if it was much longer in soultime, and this book feels very familiar and authentic to me It just had no aliens Or ghosts, or demons, or telepaths basically, no one had to save the world, so it didn t kick up to awesome for me.That, and the much important thing The shtick here is that our narrator is talk [...]

    18. The Ruby Oliver books are like the American equivalent of the Georgia Nicholson books in the UK The girls are just as obsessed with boys and relationships and drama, with the same type of humour and style It s not really my thing, because the characters feel so immature and I was never that kind of 15 year old, so I don t think I ll finish the series.

    19. When I started reading this, I added it on and sort of scrolled through reviews, not reading them but eyeing the ratings For most books, my friends reach a sort of general consensus with The Boyfriend List, the ratings varied from one star to five Thankfully, I fell on the higher end of the spectrum, a relief since I just bought the complete series in a fit of no will power.The variety in opinions on this book makes perfect sense, though How you feel about The Boyfriend List will likely have a d [...]

    20. Initial reaction I really liked this, and found many moments where I just wanted to give Ruby Oliver a big hug She goes through a lot of ups and downs in her relationships in the course of the work, and I definitely felt the bumps in the road along with her That s not to say that I thought this work was perfect There were aspects of it that I couldn t completely throw myself into, and I think I may need a little while to think about how to best explain those Still, I m all for continuing this se [...]

    21. OK, I tried, I really did I listened to the whole thing from the beginning to the end and I just didn t like it I can see how others would like it, but for me I didn t I just don t care for stories with boy crazy girls It s just not the kind of books that I tend to like You may ask, if you don t like such stories, then why read this one in the first place Easy, I suspected I didn t and finishing this confirmed my suspicions Also, because I can Hmm, OK then, so because of the subject you didn t l [...]

    22. Before I write a detailed review, I think I should make it clear that I fell HARD for this book right from the first page I am blindly and irregretably in love with it, and I think it s probably an irrational love, so everything I say about it should be taken with a grain of salt.I have never fallen in love with a book before like I fell in love with this one, right from the beginning and never letting up, only growing and intense as time and pages went on The book is like someone you just thi [...]

    23. E Lockhart definitely delivered a heartfelt book with laugh out loud moments that captured my attention and sympathy from cover to cover The Boyfriend List has what it takes to have you falling for the main character Ruby Roo Oliver as her life at Tate Prep turns upside down when her boyfriend dumps her, she begins to suffer from anxiety attacks and ultimately becomes a patient of Dr Z to deal with her angst Well you think when she begins to seek counsel, her life will begin to get back on track [...]

    24. I feel kind of bad reviewing this book, to be honest I feel like I should be laughing at Ruby s cynicisms, her kooky upbringing, her general teenage girl isms but I didn t It s a shame, really, because it s clearly delighted quite a few of my friends Maybe I m just not into chick lit Who knows.Anyway, The Boyfriend List 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs, And Me, Ruby Oliver is about just that A girl named Ruby Oliver who has been romantically involved with 15 guys over the course [...]

    25. 3.5 3.75 stars I genuinely liked this book, I did, but I feel like after reading the Jessica Darling series, nothing will ever compare in the chick lit genre, which is unfair, because I had so much fun reading this I loved the little nudges in support of feminism that were dispersed in this book I loved how this book made me experience such intense emotion Revulsion, anger, warmth, betrayal, humour I loved how this book made me seriously love some characters and seriously hate others with such v [...]

    26. Original post at One More PageI ve read about the Ruby Oliver series from other bloggers, and while it got me a tiny bit curious, it wasn t enough for me to get them When I finally read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E Lockhart, I thought it was such a smart read that I decided to pick up her other books Ruby Oliver seemed the most popular and they were easily available so I picked one up I started reading the first book in the series, The Boyfriend List, a few weeks ago whe [...]

    27. At the very beginning of this novel, I found it really hard to get into a reading flow I am not a fan of the huge amounts of footnotes found at the bottom I like footnotes in journals and other non fictional readings, however, in this novel E Lockhart overused footnotes I felt like it disrupted my reading flow because the footnotes were important to the novel but I was too busy trying to figure out when I was suppose to read the footnotes So I guess I am not a fan of footnotes for novels I thoug [...]

    28. As I read this book, one phrase popped into my head over and over Oh, Ruby I said it when Ruby walked up to a teenage boy and asked him, in front of his friends, if he remembered playing mermaids with her I said it when she threw away a list of boys her therapist had her make in the school garbage can I said it when she minimized her feelings of hurt when her now ex boyfriend Jackson ignored her or took her for granted I said it when her now ex best friend Kim told her it was all for the best wh [...]

    29. I was afraid I wouldn t love this book as much the 2nd time but it s possible I loved it I think this book makes my all time top 20 If I weren t so sleepy, I could wax eloquently about all the qualities that make The Boyfriend List close to perfect instead, I give you this excerpt, when Ruby Oliver goes on a movie date with a boy she barely knows About a quarter into it, Cabbie put his arm around me and, seconds later, he dangled his right hand down over my shoulder and squeezed my boob We d ha [...]

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