The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness #2020

The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness By James Redfield The Celestine Vision Living the New Spiritual Awareness A Wonderful New Addition to the Vision that Began with the Celestine Prophecy When James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight he crystallized a new spiritual vision for million

  • Title: The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness
  • Author: James Redfield
  • ISBN: 9780446675239
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness By James Redfield A Wonderful New Addition to the Vision that Began with the Celestine Prophecy When James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, he crystallized a new spiritual vision for millions of people around the globe Since then people have been gathering together to discuss how spiritual experiences have touched their lives and to explore the global renaissA Wonderful New Addition to the Vision that Began with the Celestine Prophecy When James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, he crystallized a new spiritual vision for millions of people around the globe Since then people have been gathering together to discuss how spiritual experiences have touched their lives and to explore the global renaissance already under way Now in an exciting nonfiction book, James Redfield further helps us explore our unique missions on this planet Personalizing the ideas of his earlier works, he delves into the hidden energies of our individual life dramas and shows us the mystical experiences that resolve them Through self disclosure, he clarifies how mysterious coincidences led him toward a specific destiny and can lead us to ours And, finally, the principles of synchronicity, connection, and purpose all converge in Redfield s lucid discussions about history and science, allowing us to see their unbroken chain of evolution toward a better world Inspiring and enlightening, The Celestine Vision is a wonderful, wise companion as we expand our consciousness and take action to create a truly joyous Earth.
    The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness By James Redfield

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    1. James Redfield

      James Redfield is the author of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight He writes widely on the topic of human spiritual awareness and is active in the worldwide effort to save our last remaining wilderness areas James lives with his wife, Salle, and cat, Meredith, in Alabama and Arizona.

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    1. This book delves into the emerging approach to spirituality that humankind is currently living and proves that those mystical experiences that were once laughed at can now be explained by science and are ubiquitous than before Synchronicity, the power of being in the present, premonitions, gut feelings and intuitive behavior are just one of the few spiritual experiences Redfield explores Not only science has been able to testify these are not the happenings of fools or dishonest hawkers but are [...]

    2. I just finished reading this book today It was given to me by a good friend of mine at just the right time, when I needed spiritual guidance the most This book went with me wherever I went for a week Any free time I had I was reading Listening Learning Highlighting Applying It has truly changed my life and made me learn about myself than I ever thought I could in such a short amount of time James Redfield gave me the back the knowledge of what I already knew, but forgotten along this journey of [...]

    3. i read this book on the big montana road trip and what a great companion book on a trip like that basically they take the celestine prophecy book and turn it into a guide for how to live may sound strange for it to be from a fiction book but i got so much out of it it asks you tons of questions and forces you to look at your life, childhood and future and all in a totally fresh perspective for example it asks you at one point to pretend that you are a fetus about to pick parents and to list all [...]

    4. Another leftover from my bookshelf of the 20th century A companion book to some fiction that I have never read, I still enjoyed it thoroughly at the time But the boundless optimism and the feeling that we were about to enter a bright new future came to a screeching halt on 9 11 2001, and I think anyone reading it today will feel a little wistful That said, it is less superstitious than most New Age books, and the pseudoscience is mixed with portions of useful wisdom Compared to the get rich quic [...]

    5. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it just compliments the original celestine prophecy That is my all time favorite If you are looking for after that book I highly recommend this along with the 10th insight.

    6. This book was one of the main factors that helped me realize that I am an atheist and not an anti christian I just couldn t wait to be done with it.

    7. It tickled my imagination, just like James Redfield s 2 other books before it Hope I would continue to be inspired.

    8. This book represents an overview recap of the saga played out in the Celestine Prophecy, Tenth Insight, The Secret of Shambhala, and The Twelfth Insight The Hour of Decision, but without the respective stories of the aforementioned books For me it was a nice recap of the process by which social awareness is obtained with the realization of one s Birth Vision, and then, the overall mission of humanity, which is to reach spiritual awareness in tandem with our physical environment and in conjunctio [...]

    9. memorable quotes understandings the double bind effect, during which humans discount every idea offered by others in order to dominate the interaction when every possible action a child offers is criticized, the child retreats into extreme defensiveness and develops excessive reaction patterns created to fight back When these children grow up, their defensiveness and need to control every situation lead them to unconsciously use double bind techniques themselves, especially toward their children [...]

    10. This wasn t a bad book, I just felt like I wasn t learning anything new Now if I had read it a year ago I may have gotten much out of it There was some good nuggets of truth though I d imagine a lot of people would get a great deal out of this book

    11. An interesting viewpointThis book is a look into how the concepts in Redfield s fictitious writing are inspired and what inspires them I believe the concepts he raises in this book are attainable once humanity evolves to higher ways of living.

    12. I d been experiencing a lot of synchronicity in my life, most of it without much apparent meaning beyond the novelty that the synchronicity itself was notable Things lining up in certain ways or one event leading to another with similar coincidences As synchronicity would have it, the Celestine Vision caught my attention during this period of time and I came to find that it focuses a lot on those synchronistic moments of life and provides examples of how to take them one step further to find or [...]

    13. buku yang kubeli tahun 2008, dan baru punya niat baca sekarang Ini sama sekali bukan novel Buku ini adalah buku tentang pengembangan spiritual Pemahaman akan hidup yang memiliki visi dan misi Kita dituntun untuk mengenal diri kita, menarik lebih banyak perhatian ke lingkungan di sekitar kita, dan berhubungan dengan orang lain.Ini adalah buku terberat yang pernah aku baca Bahkan, masih lebih asyik membaca buku Matematika dan Biologi Meskipun demikian, ada beberapa bagian yang aku suka dalam buku [...]

    14. so far, I am obsessed with this book my mom has been pushing me to read it for YEARS now, and I thought I wouldn t be into it since it sounded wishy washy spiritual ish However, it has given me great insight into the energies of others, as well as myself This book also talks about coincidences and how positive thinking really controls your health, like blood pressure Pretty fascinating stuff.Now that I finished, there are definitely parts you can scan skip based on your interest and needs it can [...]

    15. For those wishing to dive deeper into the insights buried with the fictional series This book adds a whole new dimension of understanding as you place limits on your own perspective, diving deeper into your own inner psyche and what forms your personality, finding practical uses for these insights Also, expands such insights to a global consciousness from understanding where we ve come from and where we ve been the last 200 years or so to the vision itself where we will be in the future.

    16. Con lo que me gustan los libros con filosof a, lecciones de vida aplicables y mensajey ste un palo A n recuerdo en qu p gina lo dej en la 100 , y seguramente todav a tengo el marcador ah.El problema de la novela es que a pesar de ser interesante el planteamiento, se torna sumamente repetitivo Por ejemplo, por cada revelaci n se la explican tres o cuatro veces hola emmm, yo con una tengo suficiente y todo el mundo ni que te estuviesen dando a devorar una aut ntico galimatias Una pena el desarroll [...]

    17. This book was exactly what I was looking for it explains what the insights of the Celestine Prophecy is in detail His vision of the future is amazing and how I wish it would all come true However I wish he had a section on the changing roles of males and females in the new world vision Since we are actually moving into the feminine now, it would help to have some discussion and guidance on this He touches on this a little on his section of romantic relationships but not nearly enough.

    18. The author wrote about what s happening in this world now and the direction its shifting, so accurately that too 15 years ago If that s not vision, I don t know what is Also none of the concepts were super imposing although quite a lot to take in, so best if read in breaks rather than at a single setting As they say, the teacher appears when the student is ready nothing is ever just a coincidence, nor is reading this book Amazing experience, truly

    19. If you ve read the Celestine Prophecy and the sequels I m not sure if you really need to r read this book There were a couple interesting chapters but I think the subject matter is a repeat of the story he created with the Celestine Prophecy, only in non story mode If you like guide books then maybe this will interest you I would say just read the series and you will get a better feel for the subject matter and skip this book.

    20. The fiction novel, The Celestine Prophecy, does justice to this new concept of spiritual awareness, energy, and growth, than this non fiction telling While the Celestine Vision is a good road map to the philosophy and ideas that this author believes in, it doesn t catch one s interest nearly as well.

    21. Very similar to The Celestine Prophecy An Experiential Guide Seemed like of the same, repetitive stuff didn t quite care for the political stuff towards the end of the book Some of the chapters didn t interest me, either.

    22. It s an informative book for those who are starting the ascension process A great book of validation for those already seeing this in action Just confirms a lot of what I have already began to do on my own spiritual path.

    23. To me this is the book you should read if you re interested in what Redfield is getting at with the whole Insight series Redfield gives you the reasons behind his writings, deeper understandings of the Insights, and excercises Worth the read for those wanting to deepen their experiences.

    24. having been a practicing pagan for years now and someone who studied psychology and development, most of the stuff in this book is already familiar,not ground breaking to me For someone new to the concepts it covers its a good starting point.

    25. An interesting read and a chance to further explore the perspectives of the author, however, I prefer the fictional adventure series.

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