What Do People Do All Day? #2020

What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry What Do People Do All Day An illustrated panorama of the animals of Busytown at work describing the occupations and activities of many of her citizens through detailed drawings with labels indicating processes and equipment u

  • Title: What Do People Do All Day?
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780394818238
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry An illustrated panorama of the animals of Busytown at work, describing the occupations and activities of many of her citizens through detailed drawings with labels indicating processes and equipment used as they perform their jobs.
    What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry

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    1. Richard Scarry

      RICHARD SCARRY is one of the world s best loved children s authors EVER In his extraordinary career, Scarry illustrated over 150 books, many of which have never been out of print His books have sold over 100 million copies around the world, and are currently published in over twenty languages No other illustrator has shown such a lively interest in the words and concepts of early childhood Richard Scarry was posthumously awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators in 2012.

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    1. This book was a gateway drug to my son, who now spends half his time poring over and creating detailed cross sections and schematics And Lowly Worm, too

    2. This books is really fantastic There s so much going on you could spend days reading it And it s brilliant when you re learning English I speak English very well but I still learned new words from this book I left it on my night table to read again and learn words.

    3. I think I spent hours in relationship with this book than maybe any other in my life, other than some spiritual texts.I was fascinated by all the things people did for jobs, all the detail in the illustrations, the sense of humor inherent in all of it I would gaze at just one page for something like a half hour, like it was television, but the stories were ones I was telling myself about the characters.Soon I began drawing the characters pigs were my favorite , first copying exactly and then ge [...]

    4. Richard Scarry had a tremendous gift for telling stories that, while simple in plot, are rich in visual detail so that, having been read aloud once, they provide hours of entertainment for prereaders to enjoy at their leisure His lively, fill up the page artwork and classic sense of humor have endeared him to children for over fifty years.In this book, Scarry introduces individual citizens of Busytown, then tells short stories about specific projects they are involved in building a house, mailin [...]

    5. I absolutely love Richard Scarry books The stories are such fun and are also informative and the pictures are amazing What do people do all day is packed with interesting illustrations and stories about all sorts of workers including a farmer, a mother, the captain of a ship and a police sergeant All of the workers are depicted as different animals and there are all sorts of little sub stories going on in the background of each story These sub stories are very amusing The pictures are very busy [...]

    6. Enjoyably detailed guide to modern industrial life You can spend a lot of time poring over the oversized pages As usual Richard Scarry s illustrations are warm and humorous This is like the baby version of Infrastructure A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape, or Works Anatomy of a CitySee also Everything great about Richard Scarry in one picture

    7. This title encapsulates the question I ask to myself as I drive around in Houston trafffic What Do People Do All Day Ha ha A classic Ages 3 6

    8. This isn t exactly a classy work of literature, but it is certainly fun to read every once and a while I never did stop liking to read a good Richard Scarry book.

    9. A timeless children s classic I learned to read at a very early age largely on account of this book Not only that, I still own the very copy of What Do People Do All Day I cut my literary teeth on It s been loved to near death the binding, long since disintegrated, now consists of three loops of candy striped yarn, and the outside edges of most of the pages are in tatters Yet Huckle and his companions live on, as industrious and helpful as they were forty years past.Richard Scarry s works nicely [...]

    10. One of my absolute all time favorites as a child My original copy was worn to shreds and eventually discarded So as a young adult I special ordered a new copy, only to find it abridged and clearly missing some of my favorite sections Abridged Why Apparently there may have been various stereotypes no longer deemed appropriate, but I can t recall anything offensive in the original.Even so, it s still a winner In my humble opinion, the original Richard Scarry stories are cuter, clever, and better [...]

    11. Fantastic book If the 60s gender politics bother you, don t read it OR use it as a critical discussion point when you read it to your kids Or, you know, realize that there s nothing inherently shameful about housewifery and just enjoy it.Awesome for pre readers.

    12. Sadly the only version of this book available today is the abridged version which is a shame since it does not include some of my favorite sections like what do writers do all day The unabridged version gets 5 stars.

    13. One of my favorite books of all time What Do People Do All Day is a picture book written and illustrated by Richard Scarry It s appropriate for children aged 3 7 In 2012, the book won the Parent and Child 100 Greatest Books for Kids The pages show the town of Busytown and the places people go and work such as a paper mill, construction site, and hospital The pictures are incredibly detailed and full of recognizable Richard Scarry characters There are so many ways in which to utilize this book Ki [...]

    14. September 2017 I have a love hate relationship with Richard Scarry I love the details, the labels, the explanations of all kinds of things kids are interested in But ugh, despite some improvements to the illustrations, there are still some super, super sexist stories in here, and I couldn t make it all the way through as a read aloud things that were too fundamental to the story to change on the fly.

    15. Quite possibly Sawyer s 4.5 favorite book of all time He got it last Christmas and STILL reads it at least once a month It s one of the books he pours over by himself I love that it actually sort of explains some things fairly well He has his favorite stories that he asks for but the entire book is well done So much to look at I wish Richard Scarry had like this we own two others similar to this that are favorites as well.

    16. Both my 4 year old my 2 year old loved this It s a huge book with large spreads about various jobs, or methods ex Building a new house, Wood how we use it explains how paper is made from wood our favorite part , Building a new road, etc Some of it was slightly outdated published 1968 but overall we loved it

    17. A good book for all kids especially special needs kids, where you can ask plenty of questions about what people do all day This can give the child of a literal description, in what otherwise can be quite a difficult way for a child to understand what people do for a living.

    18. Another favorite age 3 Calvin remembers the cute stories about how things are made and where things come from, and being a worker or a helper appeals to him even at a young age His favorite story is probably the one about the lumber camp.

    19. I felt that this book was great for lifting that veil and looking into adulthood The perspective of using animals was wonderful and I think has the potential to help children at least gain an ounce of insight into what the real world is like.

    20. Dylan and I love reading Richard Scarry books together This was a Christmas present and it is a hit with both of us.

    21. A very engaging book with excellent illustrations which through the use of anthropomorphism and short stories explores everyday situations and processes, such as travelling on a ferry ship, the re surfacing of a road and travelling on a sleeper train I would recommend this for children aged 5 and above.

    22. All 3 of my kids loved looking at this when it came in the mail this week My 18 month old is especially interested and brings it to me all the time.

    23. This is probably one of my four year old s favorite books It takes a long time to read because the text is all over the pages which can be nice because that helps it describe things specifically , but he really enjoys seeing all of the different workers, especially the lumberjacks, farmers, and construction workers He tells me that when he grows up, he wants to be a worker There is a fair amount of silliness as is typical in Busytown, and of course, anthropomorphic animals, but it seems that mo [...]

    24. What Do People Do All Day 2 Questo il primo albo di Richard Scarry che recensisco ma vi assicuro che non sar l ultimo Sar per il legame forte e duraturo che mi lega a questo autore, protagonista anche della mia infanzia, sar che non ci si stanca mai dei mille personaggi e dei milioni di dettagli della citt di Busytown , ma questo autore merita il posto che ha nel cuore dei numerosissimi bambini in tutto il mondo Questo albo in particolare non ha una storia precisa da seguire, ma tante storie, tu [...]

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