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You Don't Have to Say You Love Me By Sherman Alexie You Don t Have to Say You Love Me A searing deeply moving memoir about family love and loss from the critically acclaimed bestselling National Book Award winner When his mother passed away at the age of Sherman Alexie responde

  • Title: You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
  • Author: Sherman Alexie
  • ISBN: 9780316270755
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You Don't Have to Say You Love Me By Sherman Alexie A searing, deeply moving memoir about family, love, and loss from the critically acclaimed, bestselling National Book Award winner.When his mother passed away at the age of 78, Sherman Alexie responded the only way he knew how he wrote The result is this stunning memoir Featuring 78 poems, 78 essays and intimate family photographs, Alexie shares raw, angry, funny, profaA searing, deeply moving memoir about family, love, and loss from the critically acclaimed, bestselling National Book Award winner.When his mother passed away at the age of 78, Sherman Alexie responded the only way he knew how he wrote The result is this stunning memoir Featuring 78 poems, 78 essays and intimate family photographs, Alexie shares raw, angry, funny, profane, tender memories of a childhood few can imagine growing up dirt poor on an Indian reservation, one of four children raised by alcoholic parents Throughout, a portrait emerges of his mother as a beautiful, mercurial, abusive, intelligent, complicated woman You Don t Have To Say You Love Me is a powerful account of a complicated relationship, an unflinching and unforgettable remembrance.
    You Don't Have to Say You Love Me By Sherman Alexie

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      Sherman J Alexie, Jr was born in October 1966 A Spokane Coeur d Alene Indian, he grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, WA, about 50 miles northwest of Spokane, WA Alexie has published 18 books to date Alexie is an award winning and prolific author and occasional comedian Much of his writing draws on his experiences as a modern Native American Sherman s best known works include The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, Smoke Signals, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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    1. Audiobook The intensityThe ferociousnessThe vibrancy The powerThe effectivenessThe aggressivenessand PASSION which Sherman Alexie reads his memoir sizzles and burns with such force at times just listening to Alexie speak felt comparable to being in the stands with 150,000 screaming fans at Laguna Seca watching NASCAR drivers THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING the blurb says it is and 100 times MORE I CRIED oh I cried I swear it s not my fault SHERMAN ALEXIE ABUSED ME HE DID IT TO ME HE made me cry meanie I [...]

    2. As a leading voice in Native American literature, works by Sherman Alexie are always a joy to read Taking biographical events and turning them into fiction, Alexie applies a mix of humor to serious topics, especially when discussing the status of Native American life both on and off of reservations When I found out that Alexie had penned a memoir titled You Don t Have to Say You Love Me A Memoir which paid homage to his mother, I had my curiosity piqued A raw mix of introspection, poetry, and pr [...]

    3. I was really hesitant to read or listen to You Don t Have to Say You Love Me For some reason, I thought it would be relentlessly heartbreaking, and it s rare I m in the mood for memoirs that are focused on sad abusive childhoods There s plenty of heartbreak in this memoir, but there s a whole lot to this one that had me loving it from beginning to end I listened to the audio as read by Alexie and here is what I loved about it in no particular order The language, often playful and poetic, but al [...]

    4. I have only read one previous book by this author, his rather well known The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Never knew how autobiographical it really was, but after reading this I can definitely see where he was coming from Searing in it s honestly, this is a powerful telling of his life, hard to read at times, but his ironic wit keeps it bearable His conflicted feelings toward his mother, even after her death, so many things he could not understand Made for repetitious reading at t [...]

    5. I read You Don t Have to Say You Love Me back in June, and since then I ve felt weirdly possessive of it Whenever I saw someone else on was reading it, I d think indignantly, HEY Someone else is reading MY book And when I saw that someone else had reviewed it, I d think, HEY What s that person doing, reviewing MY book It happened again just this morning I was just about to write that this level of possessiveness is irrational, but honestly, in the case of this book I don t think it s irrational [...]

    6. Astoundingly good I suspect I am going to reread this many, many times Alexie is the brilliant combination of great storyteller and artist This is a devastating, flawless book.

    7. I m so picky when it comes to memoirs, but this one is truly something special Sherman Alexie blends poetry and prose with a healthy dose of humor and gut wrenching honesty I loved how this book basically took everything great from his other work, put it in a blender, and added a wallop of naked honesty The result is beautiful, heartbreaking, and breathtaking And at times, very, very funny Whether or not you ve ever read Sherman Alexie, whether or not you enjoy memoirs, this book is so completel [...]

    8. I can not imagine what it must feel like to grow up not feeling loved by your mother and even hating her It just must be the worst feeling in the world In You Don t Have to Say You Love Me award winning author Sherman Alexie attempts to come to terms with his relationship with an abusive and mentally ill mother Sherman Alexie is a Spokane Coeur d Alene Indian he calls his self an Indian so thats what imma call him on a Spokane Indian Reservation in complete poverty He lived in HUD housing someti [...]

    9. You don t have to say you love me just be close at handYou don t have to stay forever I will understandBelieve me, believe me Dusty Springfield In the indigenous world, we assign sacred value to circles But sometimes a circle just means you keep returning to the same shit again and again This book is a series of circles, sacred and profane Alexie My grief has cast me in a lethargic cabaret.So pay the cover charge and take your seat.This mourning has become a relentless productionAnd I ve got sev [...]

    10. This book is sure to give you an emotional ride, particularly if you listen to the audiobook read by the author It is read with passion Prose poetry is what is delivered He knows better than anyone which word to emphasize, where to pause, where involuntarily laughter erupts and where tears come to his eyes His voice quavers and his voice sings He lays his heart and soul bare What is given is a lyrical reading that exudes feeling grief and longing and search for resolution Poetry is a song it is [...]

    11. I d never read Sherman Alexie s first great breakout book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, I m not sure why I was interested perhaps I was saving it Instead I chose to read at this time his new memoir which could also be read as a eulogy for his mother His upbringing sounds like it was a rough time all round His parents were alcoholics Sherman didn t come out unscathed, but he has been reaching out he is fearless in revealing himself and his family Perhaps he has found this make [...]

    12. Listen I don t know how or when My grieving will end, but I m always Relearning how to be human again.This memoir was great After switching from audio to written print, I enjoyed it much I wasn t a fan of the audio book because Sherman Alexie got a bit too dramatic for me at times I just wasn t a fan But when I was reading his words, it worked I enjoyed his brutal honesty with his mother s death, his family and growing up on the reservation I can t imagine the pain and shame of growing up as a [...]

    13. There is no preparation for the loneliness of a world from which the two people who put you in it have gone The death of parents removes the last cushion against contemplating your own mortality The cycle of life and death becomes internal, bone deep knowledge, a source now of despair, now of inspiration The earth acquires a new quality of silence Roger Cohen in The New York TimesAs I was completing Sherman Alexie s memoir which loosely focuses on his troubled relationship with his Spokane First [...]

    14. This is one of the best books I ve ever read In my life.Several books over the years have made me laugh out loud, but I laughed so hard and so loudly at one point early on in this book that it made the dog yowl.Several books over the years have made me cry, but not in quite the same way that I cried while reading this book This book was so deeply personal It made me feel human, less alone Sherman Alexie feels like the best friend I never had.I finally get it I get why people love Sherman Alexie [...]

    15. ank you,mother, for being my motherank you for your imperfect loveit almost worked it mostly worked.or partly worked it was almost enough.heartbreaking and beautiful candid and sincere revelatory and sorrowful cathartic and expressive eloquent and coarse brave and amusing tender and taut.i allowed my wife who d seen me naked and touched me thousands of times to finally touch me in those places where i had hoarded so much of my pain and shame anyone who has read the many works of sherman alexie k [...]

    16. Reviewing an uncorrected Advance Reading Copy the book will be on sale June 13, 2017.After his mother s death in 2015, Sherman Alexie worked through his complicated memories and emotions in the way he knows best writing This book is the result In poetry and prose, he tells of growing up with a complicated, chaotic family with alcoholic parents, dangerous neighbors and relatives, cruel teachers and social workers He is the unreliable narrator of his own life On nearly every other page, you will c [...]

    17. I absolutely adore Sherman Alexie, so that this gets 5 stars from me shouldn t be a surprise As always, his writing and poetry are beautiful, and this book is just wonderful, start to finish Such a fantastic and talented storyteller.

    18. Since Sherman Alexie is a poet and plays with form, I am deviating from my usual reviewing style to better capture my thoughts on his latest book Thus, a smattering of impressions upon finishing You Don t Have to Say You Love Me I didn t want to read this book A memoir about someone s mother dying And not even a particularly good mother No thanks But for some reason, I listened to the audio sample And then I bought it And then I listened to Alexie tell his stories And by about the halfway point, [...]

    19. Powerful Engaging Beautiful Sad.This is an account of the author s difficult relationship with a difficult but fascinating mother It is also a story of what it means to him to be a Native American, what his experience growing up on a reservation was like and what it means to be successful in the white world He talks about how he is treated both by members of that white world and by the Native Americans who often accuse him of being white , or, at any rate, not a true Indian.Alexie uses much repe [...]

    20. This book is Alexie s earnest attempt to give expression to his mixed feelings about his late mother Like the underlying feelings, these expressions are messy and tangled The bits of narrative set forth across the 100 chapters are fragmented, repetitive, and self identified as unreliable I almost gave up halfway through Then I took a nap and, upon waking, reached for my Kindle and gave it another go And then it got better or maybe Alexie s voice just grew on me The process of getting into the ma [...]

    21. I don t feel worthy to write a review My contentious relationship w my mother who was gravely ill this year biases my analysis Note Sherman Alexie s memoir is the only text I ve read by him Embarrassed I must confess, I ve known of Alexie for 20 years bit never picked up his books Thus, his poetry surprised me because I didn t know besides his famous debut novel tha he wrote poetry and song lyrics His screenwriting skills also a surprise Smoke Signalswas my DVD queue for years yet never realized [...]

    22. Whiny, petulant, repetitive, sexist, and beyond boring This book is awful I ve written before that I am not a fan of authors reading their own work This is painfully true about this book as Alexie whines and snivels and drones on and on about his mother, that hard working woman who worked her fingers to the bone making quilts so that his arse could be fed But dear old drunken dad who abandons the family for weeks at a time is a saint Alexie acknowledges his mental health issues, which is why it [...]

    23. A beautiful quilt of stories and poems and poemstories and storypoems I ve read nearly everything Alexie has written, and I m drawn to any story or memoir about someone s mother, so I jumped on this one when it came to my library Being from the same state as him, some of the places and even some of the people are familiar to me, which added another level to my experience as well It reminded me a lot of another book I m reading listening to, Trevor Noah s Born a Crime, for the mother son relation [...]

    24. 3.5 5, rounded down I feel like an asshole every time I have to rate a memoir I suppose I don t HAVE to, but I am one for efficiency and I ve rated every book I ve finished so you get my point Rating memoirs feels insulting I feel like I am insulting the author if I don t give them 5 shining golden stars, for time and effort alone In most cases, such as this one, I can t do that, because it wouldn t reflect my true feelings about it There really isn t anything I overtly dislike about this book T [...]

    25. I will leave this book unrated While I was reading this, accusations against Sherman Alexie have started to emerge and I cannot at this point seperate the art from the artist I will say this on a technical level, this is well written and emotionally moving, on a personal level, I don t know how to talk about this book.

    26. I did not like this memoir It had very few of the qualities that make a memoir insightful and worthwhile The first word that comes to mind to describe this memoir is navel gazing self indulgent or excessive contemplation of oneself or a single issue, at the expense of a wider view There are a lot of things I want to see in a well written memoir One of them is honesty and accuracy I want the writing in a memoir to be vivid, and true Artful honesty is one of the very best parts of a memoir it s a [...]

    27. If you are a fan of Sherman Alexie, this is a book you need to read It s a memoir of his life It may surprise you to find out how much of his story in Part time Indian is true It may astonish you to discover that his story in Part time Indian is not an atypical story for a person living on a reservation It may motivate you to take action.

    28. Alexie is a powerful writer and performer This memoir, a memorial to his mother who passed away in 2015, is bittersweet He had a tense relationship with a difficult mother, made worse as their relationship developed in such a difficult environment Alexie, a Native American, grew up on a Spokane Indian reservation, a depressing, poverty stricken environment marked by alcoholism, suicide and rampant tolerated crime Sort of on accident, and sort of in honor of his mother, the book is a series of sh [...]

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