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Juliette By Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse Juliette An amazing sequence of imaginatively bizarre sexual adventures punctuated by philosophical and theological digression Mlle De Maupin Lolita Candy all pale beside Juliette Library Journal

  • Title: Juliette
  • Author: Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse
  • ISBN: 9780802130853
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Juliette By Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse An amazing sequence of imaginatively bizarre sexual adventures punctuated by philosophical and theological digression Mlle De Maupin, Lolita, Candy all pale beside Juliette Library Journal
    Juliette By Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse

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      390 Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse

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    1. Marquis de Sade Austryn Wainhouse

      Donatien Alphonse Fran ois, Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer famous for his libertine sexuality and lifestyle His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts in his lifetime some were published under his own name, while others appeared anonymously and Sade denied being their author He is best known for his erotic works, which combined philosophical discourse with pornography, depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, criminality, and blasphemy against the Catholic Church He was a proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law.Sade was incarcerated in various prisons and in an insane asylum for about 32 years of his life eleven years in Paris 10 of which were spent in the Bastille a month in Conciergerie, two years in a fortress, a year in Madelonnettes, three years in Bic tre, a year in Sainte P lagie, and 13 years in the Charenton asylum During the French Revolution he was an elected delegate to the National Convention Many of his works were written in prison.

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    1. I bought this book when I worked at Barnes Noble and because when I was reshelving the book found in the men s bathroomvomit I flipped it open to a scene where nuns were introducing a 12 inch dildo to the virgin Juliette s vagina I thought that was interesting enough to make me buy the book.Yes, I know De Sade was purposefully pushing the limits yes, I know that De Sade was allegedly NOT insane or was he who else thinks about setting pubic hair on fire for fun or making a man fuck his daughter i [...]

    2. Rarely do I write a review on a book I m not finished with, but this warrants it, as I ve taken a bit of heat for reading this in the first place.Firstly, this book is a tough read, due to the incredibly disturbing sexual violence Before I hit 100 pages, I put it down, determined to never finish it However, prevailed upon by Oscar Wilde There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book Books are well written, or badly written That is all , I decided to give The Marquis another go, and I am gl [...]

    3. I read about half of Juliette about 20 years ago It s a long, repetitive book so please forgive me for abandoning it Can I give four stars to a book that I abandoned Four stars for a book that I ve described as repetitive Yes, I can s flawed but astonishing.Although I m sure that there are people somewhere who would consider de Sade a lightweight, I m also sure that 99.99% of the population would consider it pretty intense For example I remember getting to the point where de Sade had concocted a [...]

    4. Juliette is to Justine what Ada is to Lolita there are shades of the greater, less widely read novel in the lesser but culturally known work I can t say it much better than another reviewer famous than me If Sade is a religion, this is its bible And if you liked Justine, you may be sorry to hear she has a cameo in Juliette Sade the philosopher is in force, and his treatises like his other novels delivered by key characters are interspersed with the sex and violence one expects And yet it Sade [...]

    5. De Sade s immense novel of explicit debauchery Just started it and already it s pretty sensational stuff Lesbian nuns and dildos and cunt sucking and ass licking and spraying orgasmic juices all described just like that Remember, this thing was written hundreds of years ago Freewheeling, unapologetic hedonism This is a massive 6 part novel it s going to take a good long while to read this The companion novel is the better known, Justine You may not like the words I ve used in this review, but I [...]

    6. holy shit juliette what a woman i can t believe i got through all 1200 pages rambling monologues on the philosophy of the libertine interspersed with some of the most disgusting torture sex imaginable some brilliant quotes are buried amongst the madness.

    7. Even though I am only almost through with Juliette, I feel as though I have managed to grasp the essence of the book already and can, therefore, give my thoughts on it This is the Sadeian novel at its most perfected It is the Don Quixote of Sade s novels, in other words Now, with that stated, I would like to address some complaints I ve seen other members mention in regards to this book Is it boring Well, it wasn t to me Sade has never bored me Some readers might, of course be bored to tears by [...]

    8. Sex Sex Sex Orgies Rape Sodomy Murder Death Adultery Homosexuality hate for the Catholic Church written in the most disgustingly beautiful way I had the pleasure I do mean PLEASURE of reading this as an adult that can cogitate the meaning de Sade wished to express This is very heavy, dense literature Extremely philosophical, definitely penetrating One can t help but appreciate the author s writing or his views on authority which at the time happened to be the Catholic Church, not God A topic tha [...]

    9. I started regretting not making of a spectacle out of the commentary for this book I had wanted to do Dracula the Un Dead style commentary to alleviate my pain incurred from reading this thing and creating something chuckle worthy for posterity s sake At first I thought this was due to laziness on my part, but upon further reflection, I think I have found the problem.Thee book is not only bad, it is repetitive in its badness.Honestly, there s not much to say beyond the following pattern 1 Ugh, [...]

    10. If this was a better novel it would be one of the most notorious books ever written Instead its author is notorious while his book is little read.The Marquis de Sade demonstrated powers of characterization and narrative in some his other works, but Juliette is a 1200 page slab of pornographic fantasy with philosophic pretensions Like most wank fodder it is insanely repetitive Juliette meets someone who shares her exact tastes this figure gives an endless lecture of self justification dressed up [...]

    11. This book is a lot of things It s a well written and imaginative masterpiece of cold, brutal philosophy it s a cornucopia of jaw dropping, though ultimately numbing, horror it s an encyclopedia of repetitive, boring sexual escapades different sex, same sex, group sex, incest, beastiality, necrophilia, bum stuffing, mard munching, golden showers pretty much all fetish bases covered in short, it s an experience that is not for the faint hearted.There s a passion and a joy to all 1205 pages that pr [...]

    12. I read owned this book many years ago, and eventually sold the book to a used bookstore, because I could not see myself reading it for a second time I confess that I only picked this de Sade book in particular I was curious about de Sade anyway because of the title character Since my name is so awesome har har , I gravitate toward characters who share it with me.I did like the book, and it did open my eyes to new things but damn, if this book is not disturbing The sex is kinky every time, but I [...]

    13. clocking in at just around 1200 pages, Juliette is a truly unique read for the intellectually adventurous and strong of heart This 1968 Grove Press edition is the larger Juliette portion of the infamous The New Justine, and Her Sister Juliette, referred to by those who should know as the lengthiest work of written pornography ever published The cut and paste nature of this book isn t referred to in the introduction and consequently some abrupt and discontinuous changes in the narrative voice fou [...]

    14. While deciding to read this book I was slightly apprehensive whether it would be solely filled with obscenities or it would legitimately transmit a different take on life and society s dogmas So far, I have been pleasantly surprised.I have found Juliette to be an extensive reflection on the matter of religion, monogamy and other subjects of the sorts Yes, it does have various explicit passages but those are purely a way of demonstrating the alternative mind of Marquis de Sade Demonstratively, on [...]

    15. In many ways this is Sade s magnum opus From a literary standpoint it is much better than the bulk of his work, and from a philosophical standpoint it is the culmination of his belief system though just as polemic as the rest It also contains actual eroticism than his other works, which tend to be mere torture porn Juliette has actual relationships and is not invulnerable to the nagging humanity that plagues all classic villains She can be swayed by her emotion, and while evil, is not the most [...]

    16. Es interesante en cuanto a los temas que aborda y el descaro con que habla de temas que en nuestra sociedad son tab En cuanto al erotismo que describe es aceptable sin embargo el sadismo, el crimen y de maltrato no son de mi agrado, para mi es mucho.Me intrigaba leer algo de este autor y resulta interesante su punto de vista sobre los temas abordados apesar de lo malvado y grotesco de algunas escenas.

    17. Awesome Possibly Sade s best book, closely followed by Philosophy in the Bedroom While the sex scenes are not as crude as in the 120 Days , there s still enough of Sade s wonderful philosophy to keep the reader interested And the sex scenes are enjoyable, since they are not that extreme.Sade does an excellent job of describing human nature The book makes any reader that still considers human nature to be, in essence, good, wake up and face reality And while by any standard Sade s characters woul [...]

    18. I believe that this is one of the best critics to society that I ve read I did t particularly like the parts of abuse, shit eating, piss drinking and human flesh eating, and even after the first half I still got disgusted, and until the end I was disgusted.But the society is still as corrupt as it was back in Sade days.All religions are discriminatory towards womans.The governments prefer their pleople ignorant as extremly obedient to their whishes.Powerfull and rich people always manage to get [...]

    19. Disfruto mucho de los argumentos y filosof as del Marqu s de Sade, se me hacen bastante interesantes, y este libro contiene bastante de ello.La historia me gust y me atrap bastante, hasta encontr chistoso y divertido el hecho de ser recompensado por ser malvado y ser castigado por ser bondadoso Si lleg un punto en el que me asque y no quer a seguir leyendo, pero quer a saber que pasaba con Julieta En conclusi n, si es un libro chocante y repulsivo, pero ser capaz de escribir de esa manera tambi [...]

    20. Man oh man, if I ever finish this book, I will be at least 400 years old over 1200 pages SO far, gruesome sexual encounters I love the way de Sade sets up ditribes and orations Reminds me of Plato, but with narration and scene I like the one theme that talking can go one forever or not, yet the truth is always, and secondly, the road of excess, mainly for the imagination, can lead to the palace of wisdom.

    21. A book that confirms there is nothing new under the sun Vintage porn that would make a Playboy bunny blush Interwoven throughout the debauchery are the aristocrat s assertions of sexual liberation and vehemence against the Catholic church Interesting that this was on a suggested reading list for one of my history classes in college Glad I only had that professor for one course.

    22. Good stuff you guys I love The Marquis He is so philosophical and filthy, it s like a magic little French leprechaun that needs to live under my bed so I can feed him cookies The only problem I had with the copy I read was that it was only, like, 160 pages, and the regular copy is over 1200 pages That pisses me off a bit.

    23. This book is gross in its over the top descriptions of monstrous sex It s ridiculous, really, but I find it incredibly amusing because it s not meant to be taken seriously The philosophy, however, is, and although it can sometimes get tedious, Sade has some good points on life worth discussing A long read, and it could corrupt you, but it s a great ride worth trying out

    24. Lo le hace demasiado tiempo Un libro un poco desquiciado, pero como le hace poco sobre su autor el dolor y el placer son para el lo mismo No va muy alejado de la realidad pues hay dolores placenteros, pero existe un limite.Aun as es un libro interesante.

    25. Muestra como la vida f cil y el aprovecharse de la gente te trae recompensas, sin embargo me cuesta trabajo creer que haya personas de ese tipo.

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