From Sea to Shining Sea #2020

From Sea to Shining Sea By James Alexander Thom From Sea to Shining Sea In one generation the Clark family of Virginia fought for our nation s independence and explored conquered and settled the continent from sea to shining sea This powerfully written book recreates

  • Title: From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Author: James Alexander Thom
  • ISBN: 9780345334510
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From Sea to Shining Sea By James Alexander Thom In one generation, the Clark family of Virginia fought for our nation s independence, and explored, conquered, and settled the continent from sea to shining sea This powerfully written book recreates the warm life of the family, the dangers of the battlefield, the grueling journeys across an untamed wilderness, and the soul stirring Lewis and Clark Expedition This mightyIn one generation, the Clark family of Virginia fought for our nation s independence, and explored, conquered, and settled the continent from sea to shining sea This powerfully written book recreates the warm life of the family, the dangers of the battlefield, the grueling journeys across an untamed wilderness, and the soul stirring Lewis and Clark Expedition This mighty epic is a fitting tribute to the wisdom and courage of Ann Rogers Clark, her husband John, and the ten sons and daughters they nurtured and inspired.
    From Sea to Shining Sea By James Alexander Thom

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      497 James Alexander Thom

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    1. James Alexander Thom

      James Alexander Thom born 1933 is an American author, most famous for his works in the Western genre Born in Gosport, Indiana, he graduated from Butler University and served in the United States Marine Corps He is a former professor of journalism at Indiana University, and a contributor to the The Saturday Evening Post His fifth wife, Dark Rain Thom was a member of the Shawnee United Remnant Band until its dissolution the Thoms presently live in the Indiana hill country near Bloomington.

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    1. Upgrading this review to say Hands down, my favorite book Ever Yes, that is a HUGE statement but have you ever finished reading something and been devastated that the story is over Have you ever read something where you go on a research spree immediately afterwards to learn about the characters, the time period, the events in history, etc This is one such book.I got hooked on historical fiction over fifteen years ago when I read Follow the River by this same author I would recommend him as bein [...]

    2. This epic historical fiction novel follows the American originating in Virginia Rogers Clark family from 1773 to 1806 Mary and John Clark had ten children including William of the William and Clark Expedition All contributed to different facets of American liberty and exploration The character and courage Mary and John instilled in their children is amazing.The first two hundred pages introduce us to the family and its dynamics Jonathan and George, the two eldest sons, are portrayed next George [...]

    3. This is an incredible history of the Clark family and the influence they had on shaping our country s history William Clark was the other half of the Lewis Clark expidition His brothers were soldiers in the Revolutionary War and were influential in our winning that war This is a little know fact, probably obscured by their famous brother This is a long read allow at least a week, but well worth the time you ll spend.

    4. This is my least favorite of Thom s books so far This novel follows the lives of the Clarks in early America I found the depiction of the family, particularly when involving the parents, to be sappy and sentimental In terms of entertainment, I enjoyed the last third of the book the most, and could see much of the foundation for building later, better novels in that latter section The best part of this read, for me, was gleaning information about the time period and reinforcing my understanding o [...]

    5. This is a fascinating story At times a tiny slow, but you will feel educated and inspired after reading it It s about the entire Clark family Clark as in Lewis and Clark This happened during our Revolutionary War and continues while our country is being established I haven t met anyone that didn t like this book These people will surprise and amaze you, especially since they are real people

    6. A family saga of the great American Clark family This story starts when William Clark is a toddler and his big brother George is off exploring the wilderness The stroy touches on the lives of all the Clark children, with special attention to George Rogers Clark and William Clark Great sweeping saga

    7. There is no better writer of historical fiction than James Alexander Thom He brings the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to life When I travelled part of their trail, I knew just what Lewis and Clark had experienced in their journeys, thanks to having read this book.

    8. This book gripped me from the first page and all the way to the end Based on the true story of a pioneering American family The adventures and travails of George Rogers, especially, are inspiring and amazing.

    9. This is my kind of book Granted, it took me over 6 months to read due to other activities over the summer and a few other books to squeeze in along the way And even though the book is nearly 900 pages, it is so readable and interesting and it never bogs down I was really sad when it ended I wanted Thom makes you feel as if you know the characters as though they are your friends or your family and to feel history as if you were actually there I learned things about the revolutionary war, the exp [...]

    10. wow this is a story that will stay in my heart for as long as I live I have nothing to contribute to the reviews because a lot of you have already said it I now have a deep love and respect for the long passed hero s of america this was an incredible journey and for the first time in my life I can say I am proud to live in the United states there is so much rich and beautiful history here that goes unnoticed I cannot recommend this book enough.

    11. A great account of the Louis and Clark Expedition The Expeditionary Force They found the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean I enjoyed reading about how much the Indians helped them Also, the book told about William Clark s famous brothers, and their contributions to the Revolutionary War two or three were generals.

    12. Oh, I finally and unfortunately have finished this wonderful book I don t know how I ll live without my Captain William Clark, General George Clark and the rest of the wonderful Clark Family I m am impressed by this author s version of the wonderful events that shaped our free country If you ve ever read Undaunted Courage, you will like this warmer and not told story.

    13. This author wrote one of my favorite books Follow the River , which is what led me to read this book initially However, I also wanted to learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the exploration of the United States Fascinating to get a glimpse of what went into mapping out the United States.

    14. Read this quite awhile back, actually while living out of the country It was quite an adventure, heading West with Lewis and Clark Thom did a marvelous job making each moment very real to me I have not read the book by Stephen Ambrose on the same topic, which I hear is great, too When I finished Thom s book, I decided I was way too exhausted to travel that route again

    15. I really enjoyed this one I liked how he included most of the Clark family in the story, rather than just George and William those two did get the most pages though, for sure They really were an extraordinary family I thought the end was a little abrupt the book was already long I guess Overall a great read

    16. Wow This softcover is over 800 pages and I m STILL sad that it s over I never knew much than William Clark s name and that in relation to the Lewis Clark trail , but now feel much informed not just about Cap n Clark, but his whole family as well and their far reaching influence on the expansion of the United States Great read

    17. Great historical fiction about the Clark family like Lewis and Clark I especially liked the side story of Clark s older brother This is another big one, but totally worth the read if you re interested in American colonial revolutionary times.

    18. The best historical novel I ve ever read James Alexander Thom develops his characters until you feel you know them intimately I learned about the Revolutionary War from this book than I ever did in a classroom Highly recommended

    19. An absorbing historical narrative about John and Ann Rogers Clark and their ten sons and daughters, including the famed William Clark of the Lewis and Clark team An amazing family and an incredible time period in which to live.

    20. I m about half way through this one right now Tells of John and Ann Rogers Clark and their children The battle with the Brittish to gain freedom from the monarchy, Indian American wars, and the founding of Kentucky Good stuff.Finished Good book, love the historical fiction type stories

    21. I loved getting to know this historical American family They were involved in a great deal of our country s history I loved it

    22. I have read this book over and over and the beginning lines never fail to pull me right back into the story What a family the Clarks were, and what a great book this is

    23. A great historical fiction that tells the Lewis and Clark story from a personal view It includes their families and interactions leading up to their journey.

    24. Stoked about this book It is about the founding of our nation and the lewis and clark expedition It was written by the same author that wrote Follow the River, so you know it is going to be good

    25. Great telling of the lives of the members of all the Clark family up to and including the Lewis and Clark expedition.

    26. Been a while since I read it I remember it being about the Lewis and Clark expedition Might have been about the whole Clark family They were an incredible family

    27. One of the best book of all times A must read The characters are amazing when put into the perspective of the fact they are real people, making real history.

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