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Cara's Twelve By Chantel Seabrook Cara s Twelve ACE for ISBN ISBN Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in When it becomes

  • Title: Cara's Twelve
  • Author: Chantel Seabrook
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cara's Twelve By Chantel Seabrook ACE for ISBN10 1514725495 ISBN13 9781514725498Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess Annul, Cara is ordained by blood and required by law to take her cousin s place asACE for ISBN10 1514725495 ISBN13 9781514725498Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess Annul, Cara is ordained by blood and required by law to take her cousin s place as heir apparent One man from each of the twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords as champions and consorts of the future queen From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia Before she is able to take her place on the throne, Cara and her Twelve must visit each province and perform a sacred ceremony, one that will make Cara question everything she thought was real Cara soon realizes that not all of the men who swore to protect her are what they seem, and there are those who would use her as a tool to gain power.
    Cara's Twelve By Chantel Seabrook

    • Unlimited Cara's Twelve - by Chantel Seabrook
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      SIGN UP FOR Chantel s NEWSLETTER FOR LATEST NEWS eepurl bxqwB5 Chantel Seabrook is the author of the bestselling fantasy romance Cara s Twelve, as well as the Therian Agents paranormal romance series, and co author of the Mated by Magic series She also writes contemporary romance under the name C.M Seabrook When she isn t reading or writing sexy stories, she s most likely spending time with her family, cooking, singing, or racing between soccer, hockey and karate practices She s living her own happily ever after with her husband of fifteen years and their two daughters She loves creating new exciting characters from sexy, bad boy alphas, to the passionate, fiery women who love them Canadian born and bred, she started life in Edmonton, Alberta, and now resides in London, Ontario She attended Western University where she graduated with an Honors degree in Anthropology.Her guilty pleasures include red wine, pasta, binge watching Starz originals, and hanging out with her rescue pup, Jaxx She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at chantelseabrook gmailTwitter twitter ChantelSeabrookFacebook facebook authorchantelseabrook

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    1. 4.75 starsEffin hell, i am surprised by my own decision in rating BUT this was a hell of a journey of passion, growth, decisions, choices, love, impossible love, and cluster fuck of feels i cant even begin to dwell uponPhenomenal writing above alle flow of the story is neat and fluid just takes you right in the middle of the stormThe characters holy hell, where to begin and who to start withCara, above all, astonising female character thrown into a political ploy of major aspect of deceit, turn [...]

    2. Chantel Seabrook is giving away 2 eCopies 1 Print Copy Ends October 5, 2015 Don t miss out on great reading Click on Banner to enter Completely enthralling, completely enchanting, Cara s Twelve by Chantel Seabrook is a heartbreaking and beautiful tale of a naive young girl, forced to become heir to a throne she despises She is required to visit each of the twelve provinces of the kingdom, each having sent their champion to travel with and protect her, to pledge their lives to her and all she rep [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book Caras journey with her twelve consorts was gripping, emotional, and sometimes heartbreakingly tragic as they navigated a ravaged land in order to secure her place as Queen Fighting against predudice, depravity, arrogance and betrayal, Cara has to deal with losing friends and loved ones along the way Torn between two strong but very different men, she struggled with the age old heart over head problem and I so wished she could have them both The ending was refreshing [...]

    4. OMG this was such a great book I love reading about about a woman who gets to experiment with than one man, but how about several men Gosh, I wish I was Cara for a few months I loved the characters and dynamic tension, and the book is written in a way that is totally conceivable unfortunately, probably not in my life time Without giving away too much information, unfortunately my hubby is Finn, not Tahdoan The book is very well written, and I can t wait for book 2

    5. My edition KindlePages 335Series Stand aloneRating 4 annul starsReview So call me weird that I don t like love triangles especially YA triangles but I do like menage and reverse harem I m weird and I like it Judge me or don t but I m not changing.Cara has been told that she is going to now be Queen due to her cousin being unfit due to her illness view spoiler Being barren hide spoiler Cara doesn t like the idea at all She doesn t want to be queen but she has no choice Twelve men from each provin [...]

    6. When your reaction to a book is, NOOOOOOOOOOO because it has ended, that s the sign of a truly good book A heart wrenching tale, Cara s Twelve was like a dramatic medieval episode of The Bachelorette This may sound like an insult, but for someone who is obsessed with that show, I couldn t get enough Even though I suspected about half way what was going to happen in the end, I was still completely heartbroken when it did happen Without giving spoilers, what I wanted just wasn t meant to be BUT DA [...]

    7. AWESOME JOB Wonderful read Epic plot Hang onto your hat, it s a heck of a ride Chantel Seabrook creates a wonderfully believable medieval like world where a virgin princess learns the price of becoming a queen Twelve consorts pledge allegiance, and she can take them to her bed or not She must bind the hearts of these men, to hold onto her land The characters are deep, the plot intriguing, and the sights and sounds will take your breath away The book should come with a warning Impossible to put d [...]

    8. Chantel Seabrook storms onto the literary scene with Cara s Twelve, a brilliantly written epic story that has pretty much everything a love of fiction could want action, intrigue, suspense, and sex Oh, yes, there is a LOT of this At the heart of an intricate, expertly woven plot is Cara, a young woman who is shoved headlong into a much larger world when she is named the heir to the throne of Elbia, which elicits the anger of many, not the least of which is the former queen, the contemptible Birk [...]

    9. Absolutely mesmerizing I had work early the next day but read this book in one night Cara is a kick ass heroine right from the start who struggles with making her own decisions while caring for those she loves around her The variety of characters, especially her Twelve, are interesting to see interact with her And, yes, some scenes with them are super steamy The plot involves Cara and her Twelve touring the twelve provinces to ensure she gets the throne, while some provinces grow increasingly pr [...]

    10. I didn t put this book down It was the perfect blend of attraction and complex storyline that I am always searching for in NA works It is clear the author has put an incredible amount of effort into character development, pacing, and the smaller details which add such authenticity to her work Not only will I be reading of Seabrook s novels I ll be doing it now.

    11. I received a free copy of this audio book in exchange for an honest review.This book had so much potential, but it just didn t achieve it I have so many issues with this book like 1 After proving that the Queen is a murderous woman, why do you then leave her on the throne and go off on a two year haunt through the country Could you not have announced a state of emergency and put off the tour until you solved the issue 2 You decide to take a woman who has been tortured out in a carriage in the ho [...]

    12. This novel was a real surprise It reminded me a little of Throne of Glass when it began, though it soon became apparent that there were hardly any similarities at all Cara is a beautiful young girl whose world is turned upside down when she suddenly becomes the future queen of Elbia It s a title and a privileged life of service and duty she does not want, but it carries with it many benefits twelve chosen consorts to the future queen accompany her on a two year tour of each of the their province [...]

    13. This book started off strong and kept my interest all the way through The premise itself was intriguing, because the author has created a matriarchal society in which the new young queen acquires twelve male consorts as she s preparing to take the throne away from the old queen usually her mother, but in this case a jealous aunt Our heroine, Cara, has this dangerous but admittedly desirable scenario thrown in her face in the first few pages As you can image, the story is already ripe for complic [...]

    14. Cara s Twelve, by Chantel Seabrook, was a wonderful surprise Being a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire , I was scared I would unintentionally start comparing the two, and find Cara s Twelve lacking Boy was I wrong I was totally captivated by this medieval tale of adventure and romance.The story centers around a matriarchal society where the Queen is actually an extension of the Goddess, Annul When the presiding Queen s daughter is found to be barren and cannot continue the royal bloodline, her [...]

    15. whewwhat an intense fantasy read This was definitely not young adult also, for my friends that like safe reads this is a hell no the heroine, while technically isn t cheating because all of the 12 men are dedicated to her and pledged their loyalty and faithfulness to her does get a lot of action from multiple partners that are in this group there s was also a lot of death It was pretty depressing as soon as you got to know a character they were killed off still, this was an intense read and I lo [...]

    16. WhoaThis book has my emotions so mixed up I m not sure if I should be crying or smiling Two men, one queen and she loved them both and so did I Damn it Tahdaon is the strong, silent type, a fierce and strong warrior unwilling to express his feelings Finn also a strong warrior is not afraid to express is love for Queen Cara and he excepts her feelings for Tahdaon Who she will end up with will shock you at the end as it shocked me This tale grips you from beginning to end by the flawless writing, [...]

    17. This was a five star fantasy read, but a two star romance read, so I will settle in the middle with 3.5 stars rounded to four Fantasy readers will devour this book and enjoy every second of it, but if your primary genre is romance like me , then this book is a little tougher on your literary sensibilities Cara s Twelve was a page turner, and I couldn t rush through it fast enough However, the end left me with a heartache, and a search through the author s website doesn t indicate if this book is [...]

    18. Cara s Twelve by Chantel Seabrook is a well crafted Shakespearean tragedy set in a medieval land where deception, treachery and murder mark a bloody path to the Elbian throne It has been decreed that an heir to the throne be anointed, and Cara of Crowthorne appears to be the chosen one Only the reigning King and the treacherous Queen have their own agenda, and each sow seeds of betrayal designed to eliminate Cara from the internecine competition Tradition decrees that a representative from each [...]

    19. A Suspensful Romantic Fantasy Cara s Twelve has that perfect entanglement of romance, suspense, and action all set in a beautifully crafted fantasy world.I loved the plot of the story A poor girl Cara thrust unexpectedly into the life of a Princess and soon to be Queen But what makes it different and even intriguing are Cara s twelve consorts and the rituals behind how one is to be chosen as her King Through the Twelve you get a in depth look into the world created for you and how each provinc [...]

    20. This debut novel has all the elements I look for in a good read Her settings are well described where they need to be but she does not dwell on unnecessary detail The plot moves smoothly and the pace and tension kept me glued to the pages It had intrigue, suspense, lots of action and kept me guessing There were a couple of outcomes I could predict but those did not detract as they had to happen for the story to work Her three main characters, Cara, Finn and Tahdaon were well developed and grew a [...]

    21. I ve never been able to say this before in my life.But I hated this book It wasn t just the lack of monogamy and other depravity shudders There was no true love not even her as a mother toward her newborn There was no light in this book Just darkness and a senseless ending The protagonist was so angry she had no choice at the beginningd in the end she took advantage of the men s hearts around her She took lovers, mourned any deaths, and made poor choices, after saving Maeve Okay maybe even befor [...]

    22. 4.5 stars I m still raging What the hell was that ending Why why why why why I LOVED this book There was such heartbreak and hope and it was such an emotional rollercoaster I think I need to go and grab a cup of tea to recover.Okay, tea acquired, moving on.The first 85 ish% of the book is brilliant, wondrous, marvellous, spectacular In fact, it all is But the reason I can t give it that last half a star is despite how it made sense to do so at the end Cara became such a duty obsessed Queen She d [...]

    23. Oh my gosh I don t even know where to begin I LOVED this book The crazy thing is I did not expect to like it this much Let me explain.When I started reading Cara s Twelve, I found the story interesting, but was not immediately hooked I met Cara and was thrust in this world where female rulers have all the authority fan of that , and Cara is suddenly next in line for the throne Read it before, right THEN I met the twelve That s when all the fun began.Cara, as the future goddess blessed ruler, get [...]

    24. Cara s Twelve by Chantel Seabrook revolves around Cara, the future queen of Elbia As a direct descendant of Goddess Annul, she has been appointed by the High Priestess and the Queen s Council as the heir apparent One man from each of the twelve provinces is also chosen as a potential consort to the future queen Cara has to now choose the future king of Elbia from these twelve men She also has to visit all the twelve provinces with these men and perform a sacred ceremony As she gets to know these [...]

    25. The Bachelorette meets the Magical Mystery TourIn a land where the haves had plenty and the have nots floundered, CaraLynne is summoned to the capitol by the high priestess to be her heir apparent Holy moly Cara will be the next Queen, instead of her barren cousin Due to her lineage, there s no refusing this terrible honor She travels to the royal court in the Holy City of Anuul and undergoes the rites that bind her to her 12 champions.According to tradition, she will travel with her 12 suitors [...]

    26. One queen, twelve consorts dedicating themselves to her for life, nearly two years of travel to visit all provinces of her kingdom and only one consort able to be chosen by her as king well Cara has a big task in front of her not only in the choosing of her life companion but also in learning about her kingdom and how best to rule it Cara has not been raised to be queen and is not interested in the position She is, however, compelled to begin the process of becoming queen when her cousin Maeve i [...]

    27. I borrowed this book on Kindle Unlimited and read it in ONE sitting From the start, the book gave me a Game of Thrones feeling The reigning queen is forceful, conniving and manipulative The council has ruled that the heir apparent is ill and barren, therefore it transfers the title of heir to Cara who does not want such a title Cara faces numerous obstacles in preparing for her new role, but from the start of the book, we know the Cersei like reigning Queen has no intention of making life easy f [...]

    28. Cara must take her cousins place as heir to the throne From each of the twelve provinces one man will be recruited to serve and protect her impending highness These men will swear an oath to lay down all they have, their weapons as well as their entire existences their lives, to serve this noble lady One of these men she will pick to be her king Care will doubt everything she has known to be true The lives of Cara, Maeve and the last of the suitors will be in jeopardy What will become of Noble f [...]

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