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Murder Must Advertise By Dorothy L. Sayers Murder Must Advertise When ad man Victor Dean falls down the stairs in the offices of Pym s Publicity a respectable London advertising agency it looks like an accident Then Lord Peter Wimsey is called in and he soon dis

  • Title: Murder Must Advertise
  • Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
  • ISBN: 9780061043550
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murder Must Advertise By Dorothy L. Sayers When ad man Victor Dean falls down the stairs in the offices of Pym s Publicity, a respectable London advertising agency, it looks like an accident Then Lord Peter Wimsey is called in, and he soon discovers there s to copywriting than meets the eye A bit of cocaine, a hint of blackmail, and some wanton women can be read between the lines And then there is the brutaWhen ad man Victor Dean falls down the stairs in the offices of Pym s Publicity, a respectable London advertising agency, it looks like an accident Then Lord Peter Wimsey is called in, and he soon discovers there s to copywriting than meets the eye A bit of cocaine, a hint of blackmail, and some wanton women can be read between the lines And then there is the brutal succession of murders 5 of them each one a fixed fee for advertising a deadly secret.
    Murder Must Advertise By Dorothy L. Sayers

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    1. Dorothy L. Sayers

      Dorothy Leigh Sayers was a renowned British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist.Dorothy L Sayers is best known for her mysteries, a series of novels and short stories set between World War I and World War II that feature English aristocrat and amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey However, Sayers herself considered her translation of Dante s Divina Commedia to be her best work She is also known for her plays and essays.

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    1. An absolute delight I am increasingly of the opinion that Dorothy Sayers is the finest mystery serial writer of well, I can t say all time, having only read two or three of her competitors, but VERY FINE INDEED Sayers doesn t just write good mysteries, she writes good novels One might almost mistake Murder Must Advertise for a novel about an ad firm and brilliantly done at that that happens to concern a murder, rather than the other way around, and I don t say that at the expense of the mystery [...]

    2. This is the best Wimsey book A marvelously venomous send up of the advertising world, still sickeningly applicable today, it has lots of biting wit and some compassion as well for those caught up in this silly little world Wimsey s incarnations here man, himself, evil man about town, and outstanding cricketere fascinating One is so intrigued with the book that one doesn t notice that Wimsey can be, and sometimes is, soporifically perfect Nevertheless, for fans of the literate mystery, this is a [...]

    3. Murder Must Advertise, rather like Gaudy Night, isn t a mystery novel, but a novel containing a mystery It s reminiscent of Connie Willis and To Say Nothing of the Dog in that regard, meaning this novel feels much human than the standard mystery But while Willis deals with cats and seances and hilarious excursions, Sayers discusses death and lies and hoodwinking the less well off masses This is a murder mystery, so of course it s darker Which is not to say it s so dark that I couldn t read it s [...]

    4. Published in 1933, much of this novel is set within a world that author, Dorothy L Sayers, knew well that of an advertising agency, in which she herself worked Lord Peter Wimsey is masquerading as plain Death pronounced Deeth Bredon at Pym s Publicity having been called in my Mr Pym after the suspicious death of Mr Victor Dean, who broke his neck after falling down a staircase.Mr Bredon finds himself occupying Mr Dean s room and, before long, is heavily involved in all aspects of office gossip I [...]

    5. All I really remembered about this book was that it made me laugh what I didn t remember was it also has teeth.A peter Wimsey mystery, wherein Peter goes undercover in an ad agency, and then there are a lot of shenanigans, and also bad puns, and a climactic cricket match that made me snigger to myself for ten minutes straight, much to the consternation of my morning train seatmate This is, incidentally, a pretty good place to start with Peter Wimsey Not the chronological beginning of the series, [...]

    6. Where I got the book purchased from The Book Depository I m absolutely sure I had the 70s NEL edition once upon a time, but you know how it is with really good books They grow legs and walk away.Quickie story roundup Lord Peter Wimsey, for the first time in his life, is pulling in a salary of 4 a week Adopting the persona of Mr Death Bredon, he becomes a copywriter in the advertising firm Pym s Publicity to investigate the mysterious death of one Victor Dean, and discovers that Dean s death is t [...]

    7. Always an enjoyable read Love how he assumes an alias and goes undercover to work in an advertising agency much as Sayers herself had worked in an ad agency He is there to uncover the death of a Mr Dean, who apparently fell down the stairs Even here, he leads a double life by running around with a bright young thing as a harlequin with some rather athletic moves In addition, one of the entertaining portions to me is the cricket game with another firm As an American, I have no knowledge of cricke [...]

    8. I had read a great deal about the Bright Young Things by the time I read this, so I recognized them, a buried gem in a treasure of a story I ve always liked work stories where you get the sense the writer actually knows about the complications of minutae that become all consuming in the workplace, and there comes the opening of the cage This one satisfies on all levels.

    9. I ve been enjoying rereading the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, but feel this is one of the weaker entries in the series It s a very uneven read and my personal rating is really between 2 and 3 stars, although some of the best bits are wonderful.The most enjoyable sections are those set within an advertising agency, Pym s Publicity, where Lord Peter Wimsey takes up a job, posing as his lookalike cousin, Death Bredon his own middle names apparently Death can be pronounced Deeth He has been called i [...]

    10. Hadn t read this since I was a teenager, when it launched my passion for Golden Age mysteries I m still very impressed with it today Sayers has brought the artfulness of a serious novelist to genre fiction, complete with threads of motif, interlocking themes, and ethical philosophical heft Perhaps lacking is depth of characterization, but with such a numerous cast of characters, that s not surprising And the dialogue is always so delightful that I don t much miss what might be behind it.Our scen [...]

    11. If this is the first of Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey novels you have read then you could be forgiven for being a little confused at the beginning If you have read some of the other novels featuring the noble sleuth you will immediately identify Death Bredon as Peter Wimsey He takes up employment at Pym s advertising agency at the request of the owner of the firm following the death of a member of staff Victor Dean Wimsey takes to the work like a duck to water and starts writing advertising [...]

    12. This is a fun story in terms of the whole idea of Peter being undercover, actually working for his living in an advertising company Here it makes perfect sense that he s great at it, and the way he pokes around shamelessly is a delight I m not so enamoured of any of the secondary characters in this one, though Parker barely appears, Bunter and Harriet are entirely absent, and the other characters are all new and confined to this mystery It remains fun, but it s not one of the ones that get me em [...]

    13. This was my first time reading Dorothy L Sayers and I was mightily impressed While I generally enjoy mystery thrillers, the genre has always seemed to be a subset of real literature somewhat of a guilty pleasure Murder Must Advertise, however, is a good book period It happens to be also be a mystery, but the investigation at many times takes a backseat to the realistically populated world of an advertising firm in the 30s The writing is sharp and insightful I especially liked the section where L [...]

    14. Beautiful language, gloriously ridiculous plots, and the first to bring the emotional life of her characters into the fore of the mystery Even though she did insist on apologizing for it.

    15. Lord Peter Wimsey goes undercover, using his Death Bredon alter ego, to investigate a suspicious death at an advertising agency He takes over a position as a copy writer, writing slogans for advertisements, a job for which he, with his ready wit and Brobdingnagian store of quotations, is eminently suited It isn t long until Peter realizes that a drug smuggling gang is using Pym s ad agency and that the death there was somehow related His brother in law, CI Parker, is trying to bring the ring dow [...]

    16. Lord Peter without balancing humanity of Harriet Vane is thin soup A ripping great mystery, in fact several nestled within one another, but Wimsey anticipated much that doesn t work about Bruce Wayne Talk about leading a double life A man of rigid morality except, of course, as regards his profession, whose essence is to tell plausible lies for money Each of her books is set in a place London here and a culture advertising which allows modern readers insight to England a century ago Somethings h [...]

    17. The most engaging and best part of Of Human Bondage was the episode in which the hero, previously an entitled young man, is forced to go to work with the lower classes to keep from starving Similarly, Lord Peter Whimsy is at his best not when dealing with his peers, but with the working class He goes undercover at an advertising firm, where he experiences a rather different lifestyle than that to which he is accustomed There are some great scenes about classism, as there always are, and several [...]

    18. This novel is as much a satire on the advertising industry and office politics as it is a mystery, and none the worse for it Witty and entertaining, with some genuine laugh out loud moments And Peter Wimsey, of course Though, sadly, not as much of Bunter as I would have liked

    19. Murder Must Advertise is an entertaining entry in the classic Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series.The death of a copywriter for an ad agency seems like a tragic accident But when a letter written by the deceased makes the agency owner think could be at play, he engages aristocratic crime solver Lord Peter Wimsey to infiltrate his staff Working under an alias, Wimsey gauges the deceased man s co workers, getting a feel for them as little details add up to a creative means of murder When the killing [...]

    20. 8 Lord Peter, Pyms Advertising, London classic aristo detective, still superb story even after many rereads note I don t include the short story compilations in my numbering of series reads The snappiest of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories, the fast pacing and a rather different setting than usual make it lots of fun It s my favorite Peter story except for Gaudy Night and the novella Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves , heck, almost the entire collection of short stories OK, I admit it, Sayers is one [...]

    21. 08 2013 It is hard for me to talk about Murder Must Advertise, because I am easily reduced to squeeing and flailing about It is a neat little mystery, and we see two interesting sides of Wimsey that aren t often apparent Murder Must Advertise is different because it isn t Lord Peter Wimsey solving mysteries Well, not exactly view spoiler Wimsey spends his time as a working man, as Death Bredon at Pym s Publicity, and among the bright young things addicted to cocaine as the Harlequin He takes on [...]

    22. 2.5 When an up and coming advertising copy writer falls down an iron staircase in the office, breaking his neck, it s viewed as a tragic accident Soon his replacement is on board and asking lots of questions What the staff doesn t know is that Mr Bredon is actually Lord Peter Wimsey and he is working undercover to investigate the death, and a drug smuggling ring I ve never read any of this series before, and this one is 10 I know they are popular and have heard of them over the years This partic [...]

    23. MURDER MUST ADVERTISE 1933 Dorothy L Sayers .I last read this novel about ten years ago, and realized that a re reading would be worthwhile since I had forgotten most of it It seems that an employee of Pym s Publicity, Ltd died while descending a circular staircase to a lower level Mr Pym, the owner, had been told in secret that there was something than met the eye in the circumstances and hired on a private detective to look into the matter The detective he hired decided to come on board as an [...]

    24. As an example of the times 1933 it s unbeatable While the details of advertising have changed over the years, the general feel remains much the same, I think So, there s the delight of Wimsey observing a normal workplace and, of course, doing a marvelous job Then there s the whole series of scenes with Dian, the fast woman and addict, which are rather trippy But the most fascinating part was the class issues Sayers shows an oblivious privileged person Wimsey complaining about a less privileged p [...]

    25. I have not re read this Wimsey in ages I had forgotten the focused, biting description of life in a 1930s ad agency From tipping the charwoman to selling corsets and face cream, there is an intriguing mashup of the modern and the Victorian The three faces of Wimsey here take you places Sayers s books do not normally go diving off the top of a fountain to amuse Bright Young Things.I always skimp on this book because there is no true Peter Harriet action that said, it is infinitely meatier and sa [...]

    26. I enjoyed this very much, but these intricately plotted murder mysteries are wasted on me, because I m not reading the book for the mystery I m reading it for the characters, the setting, and particularly in Sayers case, the wonderful writing In two weeks I won t be able to remember whodunnit.The plot has to do with drug running, and I couldn t be less interested in that, but I loved the details about life in the advertising business, and I enjoyed the scenes with Charles and Lady Mary Peter in [...]

    27. I once read an overview of Lord Peter Wimsey series warning readers that later in the series, Lord Peter becomes highly romanticized almost into what the author views as a perfect man, and wow, I should have heed it Lord Peter is described as an eccentric by his peers, but as the readers perceived, it s of a disregard of society s etiquette and opinions as well as a bit of confidence of his place in the world I like these characteristics of him, but I don t know, that disregard and confidence h [...]

    28. Upgrading to 5 stars based on my own idiosyncratic enjoyment Some elements may be appealing to most readers, especially the look at working life in the 1930s, which is both very similar and very different from today Other parts of this book will probably only appeal to serious Wimsey fans, notably an entire, pivotal chapter describing a cricket match.Also, I believe that Sayers may love butter almost as much as I do, as she s always putting in little details about it s deliciousness Here s one I [...]

    29. James and I read most of Sayers mysteries in the 1970s after seeing BBC s charming dramatizations of them.Have just reread this one It s a joy to read She writes very well, her sentences run smoothly, her word choice is excellent Parts of the book are just great fun it s the dialogues I really love.Also read an unauthorized biography of Sayers, which says her descriptions of how the aristocracy live are mostly invented She grew up strictly middle class Somehow this disappointed me terribly It se [...]

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