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Wolverine: Old Man Logan By Mark Millar Steve McNiven Wolverine Old Man Logan Mark Millar and Steve McNiven who last teamed for the monumental Civil War bring us the most important Wolverine story of the st Century Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell All w

  • Title: Wolverine: Old Man Logan
  • Author: Mark Millar Steve McNiven
  • ISBN: 9780785131595
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wolverine: Old Man Logan By Mark Millar Steve McNiven Mark Millar and Steve McNiven who last teamed for the monumental Civil War bring us the most important Wolverine story of the 21st Century Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all ForMark Millar and Steve McNiven who last teamed for the monumental Civil War bring us the most important Wolverine story of the 21st Century Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all For 50 years, no one has heard hide nor hair from him and in his place stands an old man called Logan A man concerned only about his family A man pushed to the brink by the Hulk Gang A man forced to help an old friend the blind archer, Hawkeye to drive three thousand miles to secure his family s safety Get ready for the ride of your life, Logan Collecting Wolverine 66 72, Wolverine Giant Size Old Man Logan
    Wolverine: Old Man Logan By Mark Millar Steve McNiven

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      Mark Millar Steve McNiven

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      Mark Millar is the New York Times best selling writer of Wanted, the Kick Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter s Legacy, Jupiter s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts Wanted, Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2, and The Secret Service as Kingsman The Secret Service have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupiter s Legacy and Chrononauts are in development at major studios His DC Comics work includes the seminal Superman Red Son, and at Marvel Comics he created The Ultimates selected by Time magazine as the comic book of the decade, Wolverine Old Man Logan, and Civil War the industry s biggest selling superhero series in almost two decades Mark has been an Executive Producer on all his movie adaptations and is currently creative consultant to Fox Studios on their Marvel slate of movies.

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    1. I read this 7 years ago and absolutely loved it all its violent, tragic glory.And with the movie coming out soon, it seemed like the perfect time to do a re read and see if this could stand the test of time and nostalgia.The short answer Yup It s still a fucking fantastic book.The story is set in a dystopian future where the villains won The United States has been divided up between the most powerful baddies, and there s nobody left to challenge them.Well That s not entirely true.Logan s still a [...]

    2. It doesn t get any better than this This is a TPB collecting the storyline Old Man Logan , originally published in the comic book title Wolverine Vol.3 66 to 72 and Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant Size.Creative Team Writer Mark MillarIllustrator Steve McNivenA LAND WITHOUT HOPESome say they hurt him like no one ever hurt before.I m sure that many of us can think that having a healing factor can be easily one of the coolest powers,d maybe we aren t wrong, butter reading this, certainly you ll reali [...]

    3. In a world ruled by tyrants, you can keep your head down, but that won t keep their heads turned away of youRecommended by the Greatest Wolverine ever, Hugh Jackman.nce his movie s loosely based on it.Unlike the movie, the setting here is even darkera mix of dystopiaHere, Old Man Logan is just an old man only caring for his family, he also as the movie no longer Wolverine since X Men,all heroes have gone.r a different reason than the film hereFor 50 years, since a tragic Stand between the Avenge [...]

    4. Wolverine has been retired for fifty years and the world has gone to hell in a hand basket Logan and his family are behind on rent when Hawkeye shows up, blind and needing a navigator for a cross country trip Can Logan and Hawkeye cross a United States ruled by super villains I ve been hearing about this one for years However, Wolverine is not my favorite character and Mark Millar is a hack Anyway, with Logan coming to theaters soon, I thought it was high time I read this I was sold when the Spi [...]

    5. Fifty years ago, the super villains got their act together, teamed up, and wiped out the supes Today, the U.S is balkanized and California is run by the Hulk and his brood of inbred, trailer park hillbillies California used to be the Abomination s territory butah, Hulk SMASHED him Living with the Beverly HULKbillies is a pacifist farmer named Logan, who hasn t snikt his claws or said Hey Bub since the night the heroes died Something horrible happened to Logan that night, something that killed th [...]

    6. 5 amazing stars Yesterday, I saw the second trailer for the upcoming Logan movie, featuring an older Wolverine To tell you the truth, I wasn t expecting much as I was disappointed with X Men Origins Wolverine And let me tell you that I loved everything and every second of it So I just had to know what s the story about What inspired it all That s how I ended up reading Old Man Logan Let me tell you right away that it s a whole different thing from what s in the trailer And it s just as amazing [...]

    7. I am a complete sucker for any kind of Days of Future Past style stories because if there s one thing I love than reading about an elaborate fictional construct like the Marvel universe it s reading about the destruction of all the heroes that populate it Go figure.So even though reviews by friends like Brandon and Stephen put this into three star territory I was revved up to try it Surprise, surprise Three stars from me, too.The main idea in this is pretty bad ass The major Marvel super villai [...]

    8. Had I read this before seeing the recent Logan movie I may have enjoyed it a little bit The film, however, was just so much better than the writing here It deals with the consequences of what near immortality and invincibleness can do to the soul, and it explored the relationship between Logan and Xavier in a remarkable way Xavier had become almost a farther like figure for Logan, which is sort of ironic considering he was actually younger than him by almost 100 years But it was still there.Alt [...]

    9. How bizarre that my review and rating disappeared GrrrFound it on another website thank goodness The absolute best I honestly can t imagine someone leaving this less than 5 stars, unless they don t like Wolverine that is I Knew he was in there somewhere SNIKT Logan 2017 can t come fast enough5

    10. Old Man Logan does for the bad ass superhero what Unforgiven did for the outlaw cowboy it traumatizes him, retires him, removes him from his violent past, turns him into a farmer, but then forces him to take on that one last job and throws in a few dystopian Mad Max landscapes for good measure So does it work Well, the story feels a bit derivative and shallow and stagy, but what it lacks in originality and vitality it makes up for in style and design Old Man Logan may not be the most engaging re [...]

    11. Wolverine is a pacifist Wolverine is old Wolverine is one of the last superheroes Yeah Great story I know I shoulda gotten around to this a lot sooner then I actually didbut good things come to those that wait.And this certainly is a good thing.AlsoHawkeye is pretty f ing awesome in this book.I m looking forward to seeing how Old Man Logan is going to fit into the marvel universe once all this Secret Wars stuff settles down I know it s going to be great because Jeff Lemire one of my favs is goin [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this roadtrip with Hawkeye and Wolverine even if lots of questions remained unanswered like htf did Kingpin kill Magneto exactly And where did all the dinosaurs come from The art work is consistently great and the story line moves forward at a breakneck pace There is a helluva lot of violence and blood here making it unsuitable for younger audiences Lots of fun though despite the gore and rather pessimistic storyline.

    13. Fifty years ago the villains won They teamed up together and annihilated the super heroes.Few survived and those who did are no longer super heroes One hero in fact became a pacifist.Old Man Logan is a depressing dystopian future mini series where the villains killed the heroes Hawkeye and Logan survived, but now Hawkeye is blind and Logan just wants to take care of his family Unfortunately with villains running things simple things like not paying the rent could lead to being killed so Logan ta [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars How good was the Logan trailer you guys It gave me the perfect excuse to finally read Old Man Logan Although I didn t need much motivation cause I ve been wanting to read this title for ages.A solo title with a post apocalyptic marvel setting with Mark Millar s writing Yeah, sign me up This is going to be bonkers I thought And it was.Old Man Logan tells the story of a world where the good guys disappeared a long time ago and America is divided by different villains Logan is now old, br [...]

    15. In a small farm lives a man with his family They call him Logan, those who are a bit older also knew him as Wolverine He used to be a member of the X men, a mutant superhero team, but not any There are no X men, no Avengers, no superheroes They all died 50 years ago, in the great war, in which villains won and now some of them control the world.Logan will accept a job offer from his old friend Hawkeye He must drive him from Hulkland, the place he lives, all the way to President s quarter He a [...]

    16. A traumatised Wolverine leaves the superhero world behind to become a farmer and raise a family, calling himself Logan and swearing non violence for the rest of his life Meanwhile, the grossly outnumbered superheroes who remain are overpowered by a newly organised group collecting all of the supervillains to kill the heroes and divide up America amongst them 50 years pass and Logan has fallen behind in rent to the Banner clan, Bruce Banner s family who govern their section of America With the th [...]

    17. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.This was recommended to me strongly by my comic book guru boyfriend so I knew from the start that chances are big that I will like it And I did A lot.Right off the bat I should say that I haven t exactly been in the Wolverine fandom, despite having seen all of the movies that include him That means I wouldn t have decided on my own to start this volume at all But ultimately the story is great It s different from other things that I ve read and especially, [...]

    18. Hell yes Probably the most badass comic I ve ever read, let alone a combination of tragedy, existentialism, biography, other world, and revenge Mark Millar gets Wolverine, and this is now one of my favorite Wolverine comics I ve read a good number of other world stories but this is probably the coolest Fifty years into a dystopian sci fi future Wolverine He s dead Logan s just a farmer And it s brilliant, fresh, violent, and even poetic.I ve never heard of Steve McNiven, but like any illustrator [...]

    19. I really enjoy when popular comic franchises step away from their set storylines and get all speculative, taking chances creatively and using the characters to explore interesting ideas that they couldn t normally do while trying to stick to a particular plotline Old Man Logan is a good example of this as Mark Millar has full freedom to tell us a story of a dystopian future where all of America s heroes have been defeated after the villains banded together against them, and now the U.S has been [...]

    20. Logan 3 My fav Marvel Hero P.S It s not like the movie at all and in my Opinion, the movie is way better and emtionalLogan is old okay i can accept that Logan is peacful and calm thats was impossible to imagine the villains teamed up and destroyed the Averngers and X men , the world ruled by them , no heroes to defend and help ppl Logan live peacfully with his family until troubles comes to knock his doors, his old pal come to ask him for a favour A BLIND OLD HAWKEYE yea like I said xD Any way [...]

    21. Old Man Logan is the 1992 movie Unforgiven done as a superhero story It is fitting that it was done in the Wolverine ongoing series, since Logan could be any of Clint Eastwood s characters through the years the strong, silent type with the gravel voice and tough as granite who lets his guns or in this case claws do the talking.The movie and comic book plots are almost indistinguishable A retired killer taking on one hit to save a failing farm Both had to avenge a fallen comrade and left the far [...]

    22. The absolute best I honestly can t imagine someone leaving this less than 5 stars, unless they don t like Wolverine that is Knew he was in there somewhere SNIKT Logan 2017 can t come fast enough

    23. 4 or 5 star book I m torn On one hand there s no unnecessary dialogue, you can read through it pretty quickly and all the themes and depth is still there.It has tons of cool, neat, crazy ideas, amazing moments.But in a future what if story anybody can come up with shocking moments, can t they Let me try So In the future Thor is the ruler of the world, sitting on a throne chewing on a chicken leg Memories of him bashing Captain America s head into mush with his hammer, and bashing Iron Man s wine [...]

    24. 4.5 stars image error Brief Introduction Now, everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Wolverine, so when I heard about this unique little story called Wolverine Old Man Logan, I just had to try this comic out Luckily, I was not disappointed with this story as Wolverine Old Man Logan was one of the most intense and possibly terrifying stories I had ever read about Wolverine With spectacular writing from Mark Millar and dramatic artwork by Steve McNiven, Wolverine Old Man Logan is definitely one co [...]

    25. Ha pasado lo que de ni os siempre sospechamos si los malos se un an, destrozar an a los h roes S lo Wolverine y Hawkeye han quedado, el primero gracias a que fue destrozado de manera terrible y el segundo debido a que fue injustamente ignorado, pero ambos estan fuera de circulaci n en las labores her icas y se dedican a tareas menos gloriosas, pero todo cambia cuando nustro querido u viejo Logan es golpeado por los loquillos engendros de Bruce Banner y Jennifer Walker Hulk y She Hulk haciendo qu [...]

    26. 3 years since I read it last and its still good So like some others here on I thought I d give this one a re read with the Logan movie coming out For those who don t know this comic was set 50 years into the future Although now It would be considered an Elseworlds story , the heroes lost, the villains won and took over the world their only a handful of the heroes left, and Wolverine is one of them Logan now has a family and a farm, and he just wants to live out his days in peace But his land his [...]

    27. I honestly didn t expect this to be this good.For starters, the artwork was awesome and the dialogue was great Also, Wolverine has always been a good character when an author is looking for development Another thing, it didn t bother me at all because I m a disgusting human being, but there s a lot of gore in this Do with that what you will.The plot and setting is really cool So the villains of the world teamed up which has been a long time coming, because this is obviously a good idea for the v [...]

    28. Mark Millar does it again This one started slowly but by the end was just killing it literally and gorily One of the violent graphic novels I ve read so far Very well done.

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