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Locked Rooms By Laurie R. King Locked Rooms Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are back in Laurie R King s highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling mystery series And this time the first couple of detection pair up to unlock the bu

  • Title: Locked Rooms
  • Author: Laurie R. King
  • ISBN: 9780553583410
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Locked Rooms By Laurie R. King Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are back in Laurie R King s highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling mystery series And this time the first couple of detection pair up to unlock the buried memory of a shocking crime with the power to kill again lost somewhere in Russell s own past After departing Bombay by ship, Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock HolmMary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are back in Laurie R King s highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling mystery series And this time the first couple of detection pair up to unlock the buried memory of a shocking crime with the power to kill again lost somewhere in Russell s own past After departing Bombay by ship, Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes are en route to the bustling modern city of San Francisco There, Mary will settle some legal affairs surrounding the inheritance of her family s old estate But the closer they get to port, the Mary finds herself prey to troubling dreams and irrational behavior a point not lost on Holmes, much to Russell s annoyance In 1906, when Mary was six, San Francisco was devastated by an earthquake and a raging fire that reduced the city to rubble For years, Mary has denied any memory of the catastrophe that for days turned the fabled streets into hell on earth But Holmes suspects that some hidden trauma connected with the unforgettable catastrophe may be the real culprit responsible for Mary s memory lapse And no sooner do they begin to familiarize themselves with the particulars of the Russell estate than it becomes apparent that whatever unpleasantness Mary has forgotten, it hasn t forgotten her Why does her father s will forbid access to the house except in the presence of immediate family Why did someone break in, then take nothing of any valu
    Locked Rooms By Laurie R. King

    Locked Rooms Locked Rooms A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell Apr , Locked Rooms A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Paperback April , by Laurie R King Author Visit s Laurie R King Page. Locked Rooms by Laurie R King Jan , Better than psyche focus is the sense of real not dry rese Locked Rooms MR by Laurie King is the third of recurring nightmares provoked by Mary Russell s return to childhood home in San Francisco Two turn out to be memories The last is The Locked Room MyDramaList The Locked Room The Locked Room Mu Xia is a talented locksmith While dealing with a strange murder case within a locked room, Qin Zuo Man inadvertently discovers that Mu Xia is the new security consultant hired by the police academy. Locked room mystery Locked room mystery Locked Escape Rooms Dunstable The Ultimate Escape Game Ready For The Escape Locked Escape Rooms are the ultimate escape games in Dunstable You have one hour to escape with your friends from a scenario, and you ll have to use all of your wit and skills to crack the puzzles Our games are immersive and exciting don t miss out and book your game today Book Your Escape.

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      Edgar winning mystery writer Laurie R King writes series and standalone novels Her official forum is THE LRK VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB here on please join us for book discussing fun King s most recent novel, Dreaming Spies, sees Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes travel from Japan to Oxford, in a case with international players and personal meaning The Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes series follows a brilliant young woman who becomes the student, then partner, of the great detective click here for an excerpt of the first in the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice The Stuyvesant and Grey series Touchstone The Bones of Paris takes place in Europe between the Wars The Kate Martinelli series follows an SFPD detective s cases on a female Rembrandt, a holy fool, and Click for an excerpt of A Grave Talent King lives in northern California, which serves as backdrop for some of her books Please note that Laurie checks her inbox intermittently, so it may take some time to receive a reply A quicker response may be possible via a post on Laurie s Facebook page or by way of email sent to info laurierking.

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    1. After the adventure in The Game, are Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes on a route to San Francisco to settle some legal affairs surrounding the inheritance of Mary s family s estate But, Mary is having awful nightmares as the ship is closing in on San Francisco Could the nightmares have something to do with the city and the horrible earthquake that devastated the city But, as far as Mary knows her family not even there during the earthquake, or were they Mary has always lived with the guilt of ca [...]

    2. I cannot say enough good things about the Mary Russell series I am a die hard Sherlock Holmes fan and picked up the first book with trepidation how could anyone do justice to the great detective but I was amazed King not only honors Holmes, but deepens the character Mary is a perfect counterpoint and complement and a brilliant, strong character in her own right The historical detail and frankly, richness, of this series is astounding In Locked Rooms, the couple travels to San Francisco, the site [...]

    3. This episode in the Mary Russell series finds Russell and Holmes in San Francisco, where Russell is to attend to business related to her parents estate As Russell gets closer to San Francisco, she becomes increasingly disturbed by nightmares which appear to be linked to childhood events Once the pair arrive, they naturally become embroiled in a mystery, which is resolved with the assistance of a band of Irregulars, including young crime fiction writer and former Pinkerton s detective, Dashiell H [...]

    4. I greatly enjoyed this, and decided to give this full marks The series is basically Sherlock Holmes fanfic, with the great detective given a female romantic and professional partner So many ways it could have gone wrong, but I never have felt King s creation Mary Russell was a Mary Sue for all her capabilities she has had her vulnerabilities, and I think this installment is among the most personal and introspective of the books, and I loved that aspect One thing I ve enjoyed about the books so f [...]

    5. Locked Rooms picks up pretty much immediately where The Game left off, as we learn that Russell and Holmes have left India and instead of heading back to Britain, they ve gone through Japan instead on their way to San Francisco to take care of some family business of Russell s The transition between stories, I fear, is a bit shaky we are told that this was part of their plan all along, and yet, having just read The Game immediately beforehand, I recollect exactly nothing in that book about how t [...]

    6. Russell and Holmes have just finished their last escapade in India The Game , when Russell is called to San Francisco to deal with matters relating to the estate of her late parents Though Russell spent her early childhood there, she has not set foot in the city since she was fourteen, when the tragic accident that took the lives of her parents and brother occurred there She is convinced that she will be able to handle the flood of memories and emotions the city brings back, but as she nears her [...]

    7. I did not realize I was up this late, finishing this novel which I suppose is the highest praise I can give It s a stay up until 2am to finish novel.

    8. Sherlock Holmes is a character that who seems to continue to fascinate Conan Doyle s character having taken on almost mythical proportions has been responsible for the wide ranging Holmes pastiche that has grown up since Conan Doyle finished writing his Holmes stories There are many writers out there who have continued to write Sherlock Holmes stories For instance, there is The young Sherlock Holmes series for children by Andrew Lane, a book called The Last Sherlock Holmes story by well known cr [...]

    9. This book reminded me of Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series Both series are supposedly the published journals of the heroine The concept works well until the author needs to cover events not witnessed by her Both authors fix the problem by discovering accompanying notes by one of the other characters and in both cases, there s only one possible candidate.The trouble is that these notes are written in the third person, and it s as if the author forgets who s supposed to be the writer So Sherl [...]

    10. 07 28 2017, editted to correct typo and add links King s found further adventures of Sherlock Holmes seem to work better when, as here and in The Moor, she brings an historical person into the cast Setting the tale in Roaring Twenties San Francisco allows King to explore new territory, as begun in the preceding The Game.The broken narrative works, but maybe because King explained it.Historical quibble King posits America or at least San Francisco as having been swept up in war fever the summer o [...]

    11. I ve read a number of King s books and loved them I think she is running out of gas a bit This is about Mary Russell, the 23 year old wife, of Sherlock Holmes They are sailing around the world, and go to San Francisco to settle Russell s estate Her parents and brother were killed in a car crash when she was 7 She does a lot of description, like there are not too many ideas for the plot A lot of it deals with the history of the San Francisco fire, earthquake, and structural inequality of the Chin [...]

    12. Has it really been four years since I read the last Mary Russell book It was great being back in her company I enjoyed the book, though there was a zip missing, probably because Mary was unearthing some seriously deep shit from her past so wasn t her usual wit slinging self The alternating sections between first person Mary POV and third person Holmes POV threw me a bit I don t think it was necessarily the Holmes POV itself, but that it wasn t consistent It was usually Holmes, but the narration [...]

    13. Ok, first let me acknowledge that I really loved the Russell Holmes romantic plot interaction in A Monstrous Regiment of Women, and I keep hoping there will be relationship in the subsequent books Not that I m asking for lots of lovey dovey stuff or explicitness, but I really loved their couple dynamic in book 2 and would love of it along with the mysteries It is there in the rest, but it s really, really muted This particular book was a bit hard for me to trudge through, though I think it s n [...]

    14. My favorite one of the series I absolutley loved finding out finally the story behind the accident that is mentioned about the whole series and explained completey I found myself melancholy when this book ended because I wished to continue being a part Russell and Holmes day to day activities and banter.

    15. I thought this one would be my least favourite, but the story took off for me about halfway through, when the POV temporarily switched to Holmes Ultimately an interesting story beyond the mystery itself.Full review jennoklikes post 115399

    16. A good mystery, but I felt it would have been better if the book hadn t been so long The pace dragged too often to really keep me interested The only thing that kept me reading to the end was the premise of Russell s locked rooms memories of her childhood I find the psychology of that subject very intersting Overall though, shorten the book by 100 or so pages and i might have likeed it better I liked the idea of this series with Mary Russell and Sherlock Holme, so I plan to go back to the beginn [...]

    17. As any Laurie R King fan will tell you, her books are always about something The genre is merely the vehicle by which she explores her topic Want examples In A Darker Place, she explores cults, religious communities, and the fine line between the two In Folly, she delves into mental illness and depression In To Play the Fool, her exposition reveals much about the tradition of fools throughout history Monstrous Regiment of Women merges a look at mysticism and turn of the century feminism Justice [...]

    18. This was a book somewhat different than the previous ones.This is about Mary Russell cleaning up her past or coming to grips with her past My only issue with this book is that it starts off very slowly and there is an introduction of people and circumstances that probably weren t needed They could of going straight to San Francisco without all of the round the world this and that However, once they landed in San Francisco, the pace of the book picked up considerably.One of the things about these [...]

    19. This eighth book by Ms King in the Mary Russell series is set mostly in San Francisco But actually, it takes place mostly in Mary Russell s mind It is an investigation of her past, both remembering things forgotten and detecting things unseen The narrative is split into several separate sections those narrated as seen by Mary and those narrated from Sherlock s point of view The parts shown from Sherlock s viewpoint are among the most Sherlockian passages in the entire series, which is to say tha [...]

    20. Locked Rooms MR8 by Laurie King is the third of recurring nightmares provoked by Mary Russell s return to childhood home in San Francisco Two turn out to be memories The last is symbolic of subconscious truths she refuses to acknowledge I do not credit nightly brain synapses synchronizing with undue significance Despite the annoying phony prophetic start, I m drawn in by the plot thickening, and the author s talent for engaging Better than psyche focus is the sense of real not dry research quake [...]

    21. Russell and her husband, mumble mumble, arrive in San Francisco to resolve details of her parents estate and end up tumbling into a mystery Well, it is a mystery series, so there was bound to be one After all, why else have mumble mumble in the story.I always feel a little awkward explaining the basic premise of the series, I mean, Sherlock Holmes married It does seem a bit ummm improbable.The thing about Laurie King s series is that she really makes it work She imbues great word imbue each book [...]

    22. I m glad I read this, I enjoyed it, and I m moving on to the next in the series This volume takes Mary Russell, and her famous husband, back to Russell s roots in California, to face the circumstances of her family s death We know, by this time, that she is vulnerable from this direction Alternating between Russell s first person tale and a third person narration from Holmes s point of view, we see Russell s emotional imbalance from inside and out.I was satisfied with the ending especially criti [...]

    23. This is a major advance in the Russell Holmes saga Seemingly small incidents in the previous book, The Game, launch a whole new adventure as the duo journey from India to California Russell s distraction and nightmares are of concern to Holmes They arrive in San Francisco to tie up some loose ends in the estates of her parents who died tragically about ten years previously King does a good job of parsing Russell s previous history as revealed in the previous seven novels and I didn t detect any [...]

    24. Books 4 8 of that series where young woman meets, studies with, and eventually marries Sherlock Holmes I m ambivalent.Good things Pretty writing Good research Not infrequent veins of emotional or intellectual or historical richness Commercial derivative fiction that s actually interesting The bad not always succeeding in that admittedly hard task of writing about historical people and their views on race and gender while neither alienating modern readers or being anachronistic These books fail [...]

    25. I have returned to this series, with Locked Rooms, after a long break I m not sure if I enjoyed Locked Rooms so much because I missed reading Laurie King or if it captured me than the others in the series I love that King delved deeper in to the character Mary Russell Mary was vulnerable, even driven to distraction by the heartbreak and questions of her past This is a much personal look at a crisp, normally reserved, composed, and distant but still likable, and most admirable Mary Holmes was [...]

    26. This is one of my favorite books from this series since the first three which have been my favorites up to now The mystery was one that I could really get emotionally involved in since it was directly tied to Mary s past and centered around an event that I had heard about many times in previous books While I enjoy the mysteries that take Mary and Holmes to exotic places so they can help Mycroft and other important political figures, the ones like this that are on a personal level really grab me [...]

    27. in this, the 8th Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes novel, we discover of Mary s back story Including much that she herself didn t remember This one was particularily interesting for what we find out about Mary s family And my basic reaction to one of the revelations was, Wow, if MARY thought that her little brother was smarter than she is, the kid would have given Einstein a run for his money if he d lived And, on that tantalizing note, I will just say that the story was very good, even if the myste [...]

    28. I began accidentally with the 8th book in this series However, the book stands alone and was very enjoyable without having read the previous 7 installments I saw in another review that this is a comfort book I agree I always read mysteries for comfort and I often go back to Sherlock Holmes when I want to make sure that I can read a mystery without gratuitous cleavage and bodice ripping This book includes Sherlock Holmes as a primary character and it does so in a way that did not dismantle the or [...]

    29. Hahaha, wow, where to start.I ve been a big fan of the Mary Russell series for a while now, and by a big fan of the Mary Russell series I mean sometimes I re read the first two books back to back several times in the space of a month I d been warned that this one was not exactly good.And it s just sort of Not good I mean, nothing here is TRULY REPREHENSIBLE or anything, but the dialogue is weird and Mary is vastly out of character and there are awkward, awkward historical references and it s pac [...]

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