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Everlasting By Alyson Noel Everlasting Their darkest enemies now defeated Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body If they can just find the antidote they ll finally be

  • Title: Everlasting
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9781429981927
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook
  • Everlasting By Alyson Noel Their darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body If they can just find the antidote, they ll finally be able to feel each other s touch and experience the passionate night they ve been longing for But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yTheir darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body If they can just find the antidote, they ll finally be able to feel each other s touch and experience the passionate night they ve been longing for But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet into the dark heart of Summerland.Here in a land of scorched earth and endless rain, Ever and Damen will discover their relationship s hidden origins, expose a secret history they never imagined and come face to face with the true reason fate keeps tearing them apart Only then, when the final mystery is unraveled and the last secret revealed, Ever and Damen s future will hinge on one ultimate decision that will put everything at stake.even eternity.
    Everlasting By Alyson Noel

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      Alyson Noel

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      Note to readers I m slowly trying to add to the long list of books I have read, books I am reading, books I want to read, and books I loved reading I only add books I loved, hence all my ratings are 5 stars Alyson No l is the 1 New York Times best selling, award winning, author of 26 novels, including Faking 19, Art Geeks and Prom Queens, Laguna Cove, Fly Me to the Moon, Kiss Blog, Saving Zoe, Cruel Summer, Forever Summer Laguna Cove Cruel Summer 2 in 1 , Keeping Secrets Saving Zoe Faking 19 2 in 1 , The Immortals Ever, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame, Night Star, Everlasting Riley Bloom Radiance, Shimmer, Dreamland, Whisper The Soul Seekers Fated, Echo, Mystic, Horizon Beautiful Idols Unrivaled, Blacklist, Infamous Five Days of Famous, and The Bone Thief With short stories appearing in First Kiss Then Tell , Kisses From Hell, Dear Bully.With 9 New York Times bestsellers and over 7 million copies in print, her books have been translated into 37 languages, sold in over 200 countries, and have made several international bestsellers lists, along with the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, NCIBA, and Walmart bestsellers lists Winner of the National Reader s Choice Award, NYLA Book of Winter Award, NYPL Stuff for the Teenage, TeenReads Best Books of 2007, Reviewer s Choice 2007 Top Ten, appeared on the CBS Early Show s Give the Gift of Reading segment, and selected for Seventeen Magazine s Hot List and Beach Book Club Pick.Chosen as one of OC Metro magazine s 20 Women to Watch, she s been nominated for the Orange County Business Journal s Women in Business Awards as well as their Excellence in Entrepreneurship award The Immortals series is optioned by Gil Adler Constantine Valkyrie , The Soul Seekers series is optioned by Cheyenne Enterprises and Traziende Films, and Saving Zoe is soon to be a major motion picture starring Vanessa Marano Laura Marano with Jeffrey G Hunt directing Born and raised in Orange County, California, she s lived in both Mykonos and Manhattan and is now settled in Southern California where she s working on her next book.For information you can follow me at Twitter twitter AlysonNoel Facebook Official me facebook pages AlysonysonnoelBlogger alysonnoelDownload the Alyson Noel App for free at road alyson noelPinterest pinterest alysonnoel Instagram instagram alyson_noel

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    1. AHHHHHHH After finally getting this book and finishing it, my mind was souring with happiness and actually told me Thank you Now you can move on and stop wasting my neurons Isn t my mind amazing I don t remember being so bored by a book since The Host by Stephenie Meyer I think this was boring than Night Star UGH Look at the book covers Beautiful, aren t they Too bad the stories are not Okay, I admit, it has a good premise Two immortals fighting for their love for centuries It sounded promising [...]

    2. i cant wait to read this but i think im the only one who is devastated that this is the last bookAfter Reading I was kinda hoping for like some kinda twist to make up for the drag but.i guess there kind of was but still it was really predictable everyone knew that they were going to find the antidote and live happily ever after and stuff all in all i guess it was a good book sad and relieved its over.

    3. I thought that Night Star is the last And I wish it is ugh _________Whats with the crappy cover groan anyway, Im glad that they gonna find that damn antidote, and go in some expensive Hotel and you know whats next LOL And the story will come to an end thats the BEST part right

    4. I give this book 2 starsBefore Reading it I added this because the cover is soooo prettty D Hope the end is better than the rest of the series I loved the first one, maybe just maybe I will love this one too.After reading it I wanted to love it I wanted to finsih this series on a good note.But I must be honest I have to admit that I skim read most of this book, I got bored at the beginning and when we had to go back in time and listen to all that stuff about Ever being Adelina or whatever I want [...]

    5. I hate it when people say horrible things about author s work No wonder why new writers don t want to come out with their ideas because it s people who say mean things about their ideas I think all people who have said something horrible about this series or any other books should say sorry because it s just pathetic doing it Show some repect I ve only read book one so far but I have the next two books and I can t wait to read them I think the story lines that I ve heard so many pathetic people [...]

    6. I think I can sum up the whole series with this It s about two people who will do everything in their power to have sex.It was a waste of time, space, paper, money, and every other thing you can think of It s an embarrassment to YA literature, and that s me putting it lightly.See my full review of the whole series over at my blog.

    7. This was an okay end to the series, although it didn t go quite as expected.Ever was okay in this, and she did do what she thought was right even against opposition, I ve begun to find her annoying though.The storyline in this was about Ever continuing to look for a way to be with Damen, and then realising that there might be something she wanted and going on a quest to find it This wasn t the most satisfying end to the series though, and it all sort of felt like a cop out.The ending to this wa [...]

    8. i can t believe i m adding this but oh god, another one damn i thought Night Star was the last one.i m already zoning out when i read this series since Blue Moon God I m going to zone out reading this and have to re read it again just so i can get the point thank God this is the last one I m already dying because i have to get Night Star, i don t know what i d do if there was a 7th bookEver is seriously testing my patience with this series

    9. Ok idk if it was my exciment for this to be over or if it was legit good but this was my favorite one of the series 4.5 stars

    10. Favourite Quote The two of us refusing to look back, knowing it s better to look forward, toward the future, than to long for a past that s gone forever When I got asked to review this book, I said yes for one reason I wanted to know if Ever and Damen finally do it uh hum I mean find a cure of course The Immortals series and I have certainly had our ups and DOWNS but I have always been fascinated by this spellbinding world Noel has created I remember reading the blurb for the first book and thin [...]

    11. Thank you Alyson Noel for creating this wonderful series I am so happy to have made this journey and am sad that it is over Hopefully theres a movie comming out in the near future hmmmm

    12. What the hell just happened Can t believe I liked this series once

    13. As a review of the whole series I have to admit, as soon as I d read Ever I was hooked This was a book was interestingly original while still maintaining a comforting familiarity The protagonist, Ever, wasn t overpowering or whiny and didn t take long to explain why she acted so strangely Her relationship with Damen and her friend s, Miles and Haven was sincere and the way she dealt with High School enemies was or less ordinary Though she seemed a bit desensitized from the memory of her family [...]

    14. After so long, it s over It s finally over Me and the Immortals series are officially For all that I have loathed about this series, it has been full of lulz of which nothing can compare The Immortals series is so dull, so bland and so uncreative that it is offensive in an entertaining way Yes, despite it all, these books have entertained me I enjoyed Roman, pitied Romey and Rain, rooted for Drina and wanted to punch Haven Ever Damon Despite all the crap, these books did not fill me with rage or [...]

    15. man, another book at least this is the finalEver was okay it was a fun read although not the type that gives me tinglesBlue Moon gave me tingles alright, but not the one that i prefer i didn t even finish it because it was just too er hateful there wasn t much of Ever and Damen it just hurt me.i didn t even read Shadowland and Dark Flame just read the ending after Jude being introduced and Haven being a total bitch i opted not to read.i still haven t read nightstar and i m not planning to i d pr [...]

    16. I am going to read it only because I can t not finish the series, but really the series has been way to dragged out

    17. Hi there, general populace on the world wide web You are probably reading this for 1 of 2 reasons A You are seriously considering reading this book In my opinion, don t Just just don t.B You have read the book, and just generally want to sympathize with other tortured readers I m one of you For the people who don t fall into any of these categories, because you read it, and actually liked it, I apologize if I offend your taste in literature, and also that I follow the many, many people who wrote [...]

    18. Okay So I didn t read the 4th and won t read the 5th, but I think I might actually read this last book just so I can know how this ends I ve always had a problem with not finishing series, and I thought I had finally cut the cord on this one But I just really want to know what happens to the annoying Ever and Damen And the funniest thing about it is, I can guarantee you it won t matter that I skipped the 4th and 5th The author spends so much time catching you up.UPDATE So here s the deal with th [...]

    19. i liked this book better than all the others becuasae ever was finally the kick butt heroaine, that finally made the RIGHT decisions also Damen was of a character with emotions and decisions instead of a pawn.

    20. Omg Another one I can t stand this series any I m soo glad its finally going to be over NO MORE EVER and her REPEATED MISTAKES D D D

    21. Hmm, like many people I will be reading this because I can t leave a series unfinished To be quite frank I m rooting for the other guy Jude is hot, exciting and I bet I m not the only one who wished Ever would just do him already Damen, on the other hand, is manipulative and one of those crazy anti sex devices they put in teen fiction we get it Noel sex disaster, so don t do it kids But isn t this all a bit familiar, didn t Myer go through this whole, woe betide anyone who has sex thing, with th [...]

    22. What an amazing way to conclude one of my favourite series Everlasting is a fast paced, action packed beautiful ending and conclusion to the immortals series I m surprised to say that I m not sad that the series is finally at the end When I finished reading Last Sacrifice Vampire Academy 6 , I was sad that I wouldn t ever read another book by Richelle Mead written from Rose s POV, yet I was excited for bloodlines It s been an awesome journey, and the immortals will always have a place in my hear [...]

    23. This really was a great end to an otherwise frustrating journey So glad to see Ever grow up and become a mature young adult Though I wish they d gone the way they first intended By getting married first I guess that s just old fashioned I like the direction this one took, going a serious and deep route Enlightenment, journey of the soul, eternal life in the spiritual sense Very deep stuff I can relate to alot of that myself in my own life I think it s very inspiring to put this out there for th [...]

    24. Omg how painful it was to read this book So long and the plot was the same as all the other five books I can t believe she had them not talk to each other AGAIN What real relationship does that Oh I m mad at you so I m Gonna ignore you for a few weeks or months.ally They had a period of not talking to each other in all 6 books now come on I m so glad this is over I own all 6 books and was contemplating on donating them to the library but I would hate to have someone get sucked into this horrible [...]

    25. If Ever and Damon don t end up together I will be sooooooo pissed REAL REVIEW Alas, the Immortals series has ended I admit, i sat in Barnes and Nobel for 2 hours and read this book, but still This book is probably my second favorite in the series after the first I liked how Ever grew and when she finally makes her own decisions without having screwing everything up And finally someone was blamed for the bad karma, mainly her man but, hey It all worked out Needless to sayI m not pissed XD

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